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Innovations in Building Automation and the Intelligent IoT Edge

Building System Integrators benefit from a simplified environment for collecting, processing & integrating data from devices at the edge with IOTech's software.


How's Edge Xrt helping Industrial OEMs?

Since we launched Edge Xrt over a year ago the technology is proving to be a big success with our customers, including our major Industrial OEM and ISV partners. 


Smart Camera Connectivity at the IIoT Edge

As specialists at the IoT Edge, IOTech's software products allow users to connect, onboard, and acquire data from a whole host of different OT devices


IOTech launches Edge Builder to manage edge systems at scale

IOTech announces the launch and availability of Edge Builder, the end-to-end management solution for edge systems. Discover all its features here.


Device Connectivity & the Edge in Resource-Constrained Situations

IOTech recently launched Edge XRT, a time-critical edge platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere, a secured, high-level application platform. Read more here.


Edge Management: The Next Big IoT Challenge

Why have an edge application? Why not just have your devices connect into a cloud native application and avoid the hassle? Read our expert's answers here.


Concept Reply partners with IOTech Systems

IOTech, the edge software company, today announced its partnership with Concept Reply, the leading accelerator for IoT in Germany. Read more.


From Centralized to Hybrid Edge-Cloud Architectures

Edge computing provides a decentralized approach for device connectivity, data collection and intelligence that allows for real scalability.


Edge Xrt: A Big Hit with Industrial Users

IOTech launched Edge XRT as a complementary extension to Edge Xpert which is designed to target time-critical and resource-constrained edge systems.


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