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Smart Cities and Venues

Smart Cities and Venues

Improving the way citizens live in cities and experiences offered at major venues

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Safer, more efficient and happy citizens

The vision is to create connected communities, to create greener, build more sustainable, deliver better experiences for everyone. Cities and venues have some of the best connectivity infrastructures and perhaps the most varied types of devices and sensors, a multitude of manufacturers and deployments perhaps more than many industrial sectors.

As a result edge computing and IIoT has a major part to play in the digital transformation and utilization of wireless and hardware infrastructure to access and fuse the data that a myriad of sensors create. Using this data will enhance the way we live.

Smart Cities and Smart Venues


Operational Benefits

The goal is to utilize a city’s assets and resources, these can include energy distribution, transportation, garbage management, lighting infrastructure, venues, and other services. Industrial IoT can help to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Give parking, EV charging guidance, and management
  • Improve and monitor air quality
  • Create a safe movement of people
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Optimize building space utilization and reduce energy consumption

Customer Quote...

Working with IOTech, we can introduce a number of new smart venue services that complement our existing portfolio. These services will be piloted during the coming months in a risk-free way for our customers.

Joe Costanzo, Chief Technology Officer at PMY


Technical Challenges

There are many challenges that smart cities and major smart venues must overcome to deliver these services:

  • Ensure access to reliable and accurate data
  • Data needs to be real-time and actionable
  • Security of personal information and any sensitive data
  • Robust connectivity technology to handle the increasing volume of sensors and data
  • Interoperability, ease of connectivity, and ease of use
  • The need to support the fusion and analysis of data from different sources including conventional sensors and even camera streams

Key Benefits of the IOTech Solution:

IOTech Edge Central addresses IIoT connectivity, data fusion, and IT/OT integration, and dynamic edge management capabilities to allow companies to deploy platforms to customers quickly and at scale.

Professional Services

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Customer Example: IOTech and PMY.Group partner to enhance smart venue management solutions


  • Challenge: Needed to develop additional functionality to their Smart Operating Platform, including a variety of functions such as people counting to help their customers operate events and venues efficiently and safely.
  • Solution: IOTech Edge Central acquires OT data such as temperatures, GPS, and RF readings, and integrates these with video inferencing at the edge to gain real insight into the smart venue and related operations. Edge Central also feeds data to PMY’s Cloud operational dashboards.
  • Benefits: Increasing revenue by adding new capabilities to their existing platform.
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