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Why IOTech

Why IOTech

IOTech Edge Central is an open edge data platform that makes industrial data easily accessible, actionable and manageable.

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The leader in open edge computing 

IOTech solves the industrial data problem at the Edge.

IOTech solves the industrial data problem at the edge. Used by the world's leading providers and consumers of industrial edge solutions, IOTech Edge Central makes industrial data easily accessible, actionable, and manageable. Edge Central is the most comprehensive foundational software solution for the edge and includes connectivity, processing, and edge management. Our modular and flexible plug-and-play, open-edge distributed computing data platform and edge management software toolset greatly reduce the time-to-value equation and protect software investment beyond the hardware lifecycle. Edge Central is based on EdgeX, the world's #1 open-source data integration platform, and a true, vendor-neutral collaborative ecosystem.

The IOTech Advantage 

IOTech Shields Users from Edge Complexity 

IOTech’s ‘open’ software Edge platforms and management solutions “shield” developers and users from these complexities, a software foundation delivering maximum user choice, flexibility, and accelerated adoption of your Edge solutions

Open Equals Choice and Flexibility 

To maximize user choice all IOTech’s Edge products are ‘open’, which at a minimum, means our edge software solutions are silicon, hardware, operating system, software application and Cloud agnostic. We also have wherever possible adopted open standards for example standard APIs that enable “plug and play” of any software application at the edge.

Ubiquitous Edge Connectivity

The edge is where the IT computer meets the OT ‘thing’ and there is a multitude of Southbound ‘connectivity’ protocols which work at or close to real-time. We are making connectivity a configuration versus a programming task and we also provide as standard data cleaning capability as part of the connector! 

Delivering Time-Critical Performance 

IOTech Edge Central is an open edge data platform that covers the full spectrum of IOT Edge ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ real-time needs for all types of applications users will want to run at the edge for which we provide access to “real-time” data e.g., millisecond or even microsecond response times, and in the case of hard real-time predictable response.

Edge Management at Scale

Edge systems can be both very large-scale and highly distributed. This makes their smooth management both critical and difficult. While today’s enterprise management and deployment systems work very well in Enterprise / Cloud environments, they are not well-suited to edge deployments. IOTech’s Edge Manager provides application-agnostic node and application management at the Edge.

CPU, Hardware, Operating System and Deployment Flexibility

There is a wide variety of commoditised hardware available to run time-critical edge applications, from industrial server-class platforms, Edge Gateways, Programmable Controllers and at the ‘far Edge’ highly memory-constrained microcontrollers. 

EdgeX Eco-system

IOTech supports LF Edge, the premier open source ecosystem for the edge; LF edge’s leading project is EdgeX foundry – a vendor-neutral open software platform hosted by the Linux Foundation that provides a common framework for industrial IoT edge computing. Learn more about EdgeX and IOTech’s leadership in the development of the leading open edge data platform on our EdgeX community page

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IOTech's open edge data platform is designed to maximize openness, ease of use, flexibility, and choice for our customers


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