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  • On Demand - IIoT Panel Discussion with Eaton, Mitsubishi Power and Schneider Electric

    Hear Industrial IoT leaders discuss how industrial sector companies and OEMs are producing real world edge solutions to disrupt the marketplace, capture new revenues, save precious resources, and lead their sectors in innovation.

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  • IOTech and Building System Integrators collaborate to increase efficiencies in HVAC, BAS and EMS systems and new smart building solutions

    The partnership will result in advanced equipment connectivity, edge processing and edge management capabilities for businesses and enterprises.

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  • IOTech and Lotus Labs partner to deliver AI and visual inference at the IoT edge

    Our solution provides a more accurate real-time operational picture from the fusion of video analytics and conventional sensor data.

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Powering the Industrial Edge

Develop, Deploy, Connect and Manage at Scale IoT Systems at the Edge

IOTech edge software products are built on open technology used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Our software helps you to connect and acquire real-time sensor data, run edge intelligence, integrate with any cloud with complete deployment flexibility and manage your edge applications and nodes at scale. Our solutions cover the full spectrum of secure hard and soft real-time edge computing requirements, maximize ‘best of breed’ user choice, and provide a software foundation for effective collaboration across multiple vertical markets at the IoT edge.

Edge Xpert

Acquire Data in Real-time

Simplified access to your real-time device or sensor data independent from the underlying OT communication technology

Edge Xpert

Deploy Edge Intelligence

Software platform technology that gives you the ability to choose where to deploy your analytics in a distributed edge environment

EdgeX Connect

Manage your System

Easily configure and manage your deployment including edge node on-boarding, application orchestration and system live monitoring

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Our Products

Edge Xpert

Edge Xpert®

The open, scalable and flexible software platform for the IoT Edge


Edge Xpert

Edge XRT®

The software platform for time-critical and resource-constrained IoT systems


Edge Xpert

Edge Builder®

The scalable management solution for edge applications and nodes



Device Connectivity

Device Connectivity

Simplified connectivity and access to your real-time edge device data


Device Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity

Unify your edge and cloud systems with easy and secure data streaming



Industries We Work In

Building Automation
Smart Energy
Oil and Gas
Smart Retail

Our Partners

EdgeX Foundry



LF Edge


Hewlett Packard

View all Our Partners

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Latest from IOTech

Major Industrial OEMs are using XRT to power their latest edge solutions

XRT is already a bit hit with major industrial OEMs. With the recent launch of Edge XRT 2.0 we've made it even easier to integrate advanced OT and IoT capabilities as part of your edge solution.

23rd Jun 2022 14:30

IOTech announces a major new release of Edge XRT, its software platform for time-critical OT systems

Edge XRT 2.0 provides extended OT connectivity, auto-discovery for easy device onboarding, a new MQTT API to simplify integration and management, combined with improved performance and scalability

23rd Jun 2022 14:30

Industrial IoT edge is now creating savings and opening the door to new revenue sources for enterprises

To achieve the full benefits of IIoT edge, providers must focus on the customer's specific use case, according to a panel of experts from IOTech, Eaton, Mitsubishi Power, and Schneider Electric

25th May 2022 13:00

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