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Professional Services

Professional Services

Helping both edge solution developers and end-users to get the very best out of our products

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Comprehensive edge services for success

IOTech’s Professional Services offerings are designed to offer maximum support to both edge solution developers and end-users to get the very best out of our products. We focus on providing outstanding Operational Technology (OT) and Distributed Real-time and Embedded (DRE) skills and experience to our customers in order to reduce risks and accelerate the time-to-market of your IoT Edge developments and solution offerings.

We’re here to help you learn, make the right initial choices, quickly get started in developments and deployments, and then jointly deliver real value to you and your customers. IOTech’s consultants have many years’ experience in OT protocols, middleware and in EdgeX Foundry, the widely adopted open-source Edge standards upon which our products are based.

Product Implementation Support


OEM Onboarding Services 

IOTech’s products are used and embedded by leading OEMs as core parts of their wider solution offerings.

Onboarding services help OEMs rapidly port, integrate and deploy IOTech software into their own architectures

  • API and integration point analysis
  • Hardware testing and porting
  • Integrated development of required interfaces, data flows and HMI
  • Testing, including performance and end-to-end functionality verification
  • Incorporation of IOTech software into customers’ CI / CD / SDLC processes
  • Integrated license management
  • Delivery of required SLAs and product support roles and hand-offs


IOTech Edge Central allows large industrial OEMs to harmonize their solutions across hardware platforms.


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Product Roadmap Acceleration 

IOTech continuously improve and extend its products, guided by the overall evolving roadmap of planned core feature enhancements.

But we recognize that some customers may need new features we haven’t planned, or planned features earlier than shown in the roadmap.

IOTech roadmap acceleration service provides rapid product development prioritization to customers in areas such as:

  • Device connectivity and new protocols
  • New / enhanced core platform services and applications
  • Embedded customer or third-party (e.g. AI / ML) solutions  / endpoints within the platforms
  • Increase Influence on applicable open-source projects
  • Hardware and operating system porting


For Intel, delivery prioritization of Edge Central video device services and video APIs made a real difference.


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Product Design, Configuration & Integration

IOTech know our products like no-one else, so we are ideally placed to help our customers get the best from them.

IOTech product design, configuration and integration services (delivery support) include:

  • Requirements and outcome management
  • Architecture review and solution design
  • Provision of connectivity profiles, simulators and development templates
  • Assistance with use-cases and application development
  • Performance and scalability tuning
  • Hardware, operating system and Cloud options advice

These services are key for successful pilots, wider rollouts, and joint developments with customer and SI teams.


IOTech Edge Central deployment


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Product Training


IOTech offer standard and customized training courses in all our products.

On-line (self-learn) or classroom based

Both based on bite-size presentations and hands-on software exercises that help the participants quickly build knowledge and expertise with the products

Standard courses include:

  • Introduction to Edge architectures, use cases and our products
  • Configuration, deployment and ongoing use / management of the products
  • Development of new device or Cloud connectivity
  • Development and integration of user applications


We worked closely with an Industrial OEM to develop a specific on-line training progamme based on the company's edge platform and our integration.


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IOTech Commercial Support & Expertise


Trusted and guaranteed commercial product support from the IOTech team.

  • Offering based on Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Full first, second and third-line web-based support, with OEMs generally taking first-line support with their customers

Support features:

  • Online help and assistance 
  • Customer knowledge base and tutorial videos
  • Product downloads and licensing all in one place
  • Regular releases and upgrades 
  • Service Level Agreements to match your project
  • Raise a case with online tracking
  • Dedicated support team 
  • Onsite assistance as an optional extra


Working closely with an OEM we created a full service and support model to deliver exceptional service to their end users.


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