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Edge Central

Edge Central

The Open Edge Data Platform

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The Open Edge Data Platform

IOTech Edge Central makes it as easy as possible to create, deploy and manage edge systems. 

Don’t be constrained to fixed choices when delivering your edge solutions. Choose an open-edge computing platform that gives you the freedom to innovate and realize key business value at the edge without dependencies on an individual technology or vendor.

Based on EdgeX Foundry

Based on the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry, the world's #1 open-source edge data platform, IOTech Edge Central is designed to maximize openness, ease of use, flexibility, and choice for organizations developing their next generation of industrial edge solutions.

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Comprehensive and Independent Edge Platform

IOTech's approach is to reduce the need for extensive coding by providing a comprehensive suite of platform services that users can simply configure to address many different use cases, significantly increasing developer productivity, reducing time-to-market, and minimizing development costs.

To meet our customer’s needs we have created a software platform that provides independence from hardware, operating system, programming language, applications, OT protocols, and cloud technologies.

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Edge Central Benefits:

Connect and Control

Easy connectivity to southbound OT devices and sensors at the edge. Lots of connectors for many industrial protocols are already available, with easy-to-use tooling to help connect and control the edge. Device SDKs are available to create more connectors as needed

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Process Data at the Edge

Edge Central aggregates your edge data for sensor fusion and is delivered with reference rules engines and analytics packages. If you have your own analytics third-party AI/ML package, plug that in instead. Standard APIs mean you can easily supplement or replace the default services

Cloud and IT Integration 

Easily share your edge data to a choice of northbound Cloud and IT systems. Built-in support for steaming to the main clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM are provided along with the additional flexibility to create more integrations with a northbound Application SDK

Seamless Data Flow to and from the Cloud

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Run on any Device

Edge Central is hardware, operating system, and processor independent so you can run it on your choice of edge computing device. Users typically run Edge Central on IoT gateways and edge servers but the Edge Central containers can easily run on any target device

Open, Modular, Extensible

Utilizing a modular and flexible microservices architecture, Edge Central allows complete control of resources and functionality required for each use case. Users can also plug in their own microservices built against our standard APIs and open SDKs

Edge Management Solution

In addition to a comprehensive set of modular platform services, Edge Central includes a full edge management capability to manage your edge deployment easily and at scale. IOTech Edge Manager allows users to provision and monitor edge nodes, configure, orchestrate, monitor, and update your applications and onboard your OT devices and sensors. Edge Manager can support the deployment of different workloads whether they are containers, binaries, or even scripts.

Active Community Ecosystem

IOTech is a leading member and contributor to the Linux Foundation’s open source EdgeX Foundry project. Edge Central is a commercially supported value-add implementation of EdgeX making a platform you can trust for your demanding edge computing needs. The EdgeX community provides a strong commercial ecosystem for the technology

Watch The Demo

Watch this short demonstration video to see Edge Central in action. See how it helps simplify key edge computing tasks including data acquisition, edge intelligence, and cloud data streaming. The demo describes a Manufacturing “Chemical Tank” simulation, but the principles can be applied to many other industries and edge computing use cases.

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