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Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems

Helping companies exploit the rich data held in the underlying battery, inverter and other equipment

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Safe, efficient and cost-effective edge solutions

Edge software is helping the providers of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) deliver safer, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions to their customers.

Edge computing is delivering competitive advantage, innovation, and product differentiation which is fundamental to creating successful commercial offerings that resonate with customers and help Battery Energy Storage System vendors capture market share.

Renewable Energy and Battery Energy Storage Systems


Operational Benefits

By gathering, standardizing, and then exploiting the rich data held in underlying battery, inverter, and other equipment control systems, Battery Energy Storage Systems can benefit from:

  • Optimized equipment performance
  • Easy diagnosis of faults
  • More informed decision-making around charging versus discharging and bidding for supply
  • Supplier hardware choice through the adoption of
    open standards

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IOTech’s Edge Xpert platform forms the basis of MPWA’s BESS data acquisition and enterprise-level data mining and analysis; Edge Xrt provides real-time control capability, while Edge Builder provides ease of maintenance and version control capability for the BESS portfolio of products.

Rohit Kadam, Mitsubishi Power, Product Manager, Control Systems


Technical Challenges

Battery Energy Storage System vendors need to build and deliver capabilities quickly, in a repeatable fashion, and in a cost-effective and non-proprietary way.

Vendors can choose and easily integrate energy products from a variety of equipment suppliers to, for example, maximize energy density, and create the most appropriate overall hardware and software solution for each of their customers or customer sites.

Professional Services

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Key Benefits of the IOTech Solution:

  • Supports seamless data acquisition/control with the lower-level BMS, EMM, and PCS systems
  • High flexibility to adapt to the different battery and inverter vendors each with potentially different site configurations
  • Edge data normalization to the industry-standard SunSpec information model
  • Data fusion, system control logic, and data visualization at the edge
  • Longer-term data historian/analytics functions
    and reporting
  • Reduced development costs and time to market for new IoT capabilities
  • Simple integration into 3rd party software stacks

Customer Example: A leading supplier of utility-scale battery energy storage systems


Challenge: Various operational data points need to be obtained from battery racks and associated equipment, and analyzed at the edge (e.g., for alarms, shutdowns, etc.) and the solution also needs orchestration management across multiple sites and customers.

Solution: Universal OT connectivity layer in Edge Xrt to collect the data and send it to Edge Xpert for further processing. Edge Xpert implements a variety of rules on the ingested data, for example, to detect abnormal conditions and, if necessary, raise alarms or shut down equipment. These calculations must be done at the edge since quick and reliable actions are imperative. Data is also sent to various endpoints such as SCADA systems. IOTech’s professional Services team was instrumental in configuring the system and adding several product extensions during the solution development phase as well as supporting the development of the edge rules processing logic.


  • Access to world-class OT technology expertise to develop a solution quickly, saving time and money.



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