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IOTech Device Connectivity

IOTech Device Connectivity

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Intelligent Device Connectivity and Real-time Data Acquisition for the IoT Edge

The IoT edge is a complex and highly fragmented environment. A growing number of vendors supply a huge number of different sensors and devices that produce data using an ever-increasing variety of communication protocols. The devices themselves are becoming more and more intelligent, but it is always extremely challenging to connect and seamlessly communicate with these devices in an efficient and business-scalable way.

IOTech Edge Central greatly simplifies the work required to connect to and communicate with different devices and sensors at the edge. It presents a large set of easy-to-use device connectors that support fast and efficient data flow.

IOTech Device Connectivity Key Benefits

Configuration not coding to save time and effort
IOTech device connectors require only a simple configuration in order to connect to a specific device and begin to receive data. Each device connector has an easy-to-follow set of steps to onboard a new device, with no coding required. This capability reduces device integration efforts enormously.
Tooling to make device onboarding even simpler
IOTech provides advanced tooling that makes the device configuration and onboarding process even simpler. The tools have protocol-specific steps that make it straightforward to produce a configuration profile for each edge device that you want to connect.
Connectivity for the Intelligent Edge
Each connector is embedded with advanced software mechanisms that make them smart. At the point data is collected, it can be filtered and transformed based on specific user requirements. The connectors can also be dynamically injected with user-defined analytics and pluggable algorithms so device control can be achieved right at the connector level.
Long list of industrial connectors with SDKs to easily create more
The device connectors provided by IOTech already cover a large number of popular edge protocols. They are implemented using high-quality SDKs in C and Go-Lang programming languages. The SDKs can be used to easily create additional connectors, or you can ask the IOTech Professional Services team to help create any new connectors you may need.
Delivering Real-time data to Edge Central and also third-party platforms
IOTech's device connectors are utilized by IOTech’s Edge Central edge computing platform. However, the connectors can also be used to ingest data in real-time and deliver it other third-party edge and cloud computing platforms via their MQTT export mechanisms.
Based on tried and tested open source software
IOTech builds on device connectivity technology that comes from a large and active open source community. The Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry open source project defines a device connectivity layer that IOTech has enhanced and productized to make advanced, robust, and highly-performant device connectors.
Supported Device Connectors
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