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Building Automation

Building Automation

Quickly connecting sensors and devices to enhance building automation solutions

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Building intelligence through edge computing

The Buildings Automation industry is being transformed by the adoption of the modern data-driven approaches to building management.

Edge computing is the enabler for getting scalable solutions to the market. It enables advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning helping to provide tangible benefits to both building operators and their tenants.

Building Automation


Operational Benefits

Forward-thinking building operators and system integrators that utilize modern building management system (BMS) techniques are unlocking many key environmental and business benefits:

  • Optimized building efficiency and reduced
    power consumption
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Cost-saving predictive maintenance
  • Supporting happier, more satisfied tenants
  • Enabling new business models

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By leveraging IOTech’s Edge Central, siteView™ can share operational data with users to provide much greater visibility into their HVAC, BAS, and EMS systems.

Michael Ebarb, President, BSI.


Technical Challenges

A BMS must be able to address the following key technical challenges:

  • Acquire data from a wide variety of building
    devices and cameras
  • Support both greenfield (new) and brownfield
    (existing) buildings
  • Integrate to Cloud systems for remote
    management and access
  • Be able to deploy systems and manage multiple
    buildings at scale
  • Address security and tenant privacy concerns
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Key Benefits of the IOTech Solution for Building Automation:

  • IoT edge platforms for edge data collection, processing, and integration in each building
  • Seamless edge data acquisition and actuation of devices, cameras, and sensors prevalent in the buildings industry
  • Support for key industry protocols including BACnet, Modbus, BLE, and Zigbee as well as connecting to IP Cameras
  • Edge data normalization and data fusion at the edge in
    each building
  • Open and pluggable edge intelligence, rules
    and visualization
  • Integration to major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and more
  • Centralized management of the solution covering both hardware and software
  • End-to-end security as standard

Customer Example: A global leader in smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings


Challenge: Lack of a robust and reliable method for connectivity between their new building management applications and the OT world.

Solution: IOTech Edge Connect can be deployed on any hardware and gives a highly performant out-of-the-box solution that facilitates efficient and high-performance OT communications within their applications. Edge Connect is now embedded directly into the company’s latest building management platform.


  • Reduces time-to-market for their new building platform
  • Allows them to connect to any OT in any building
  • Product developers are focused on value-adding applications, not OT connectivity
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