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The EdgeX Community

The EdgeX Community

IOTech is a leading member and contributor to the EdgeX Foundry community project and uses EdgeX as the basis for its edge product software offering

IOTech and the EdgeX Open Source Community

IOTech believes today’s software should be ‘open’ – that is software that is developed in an open ecosystem, adopts open standards and has foundations in open-source development communities.

IOTech has been a member of the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry project since its inception in 2017.  Furthermore, IOTech is now a member of LF Edge – an umbrella project for open-source edge software which includes EdgeX Foundry.


The Commercial Open Edge Data Platform based on EdgeX Foundry

As key leaders and innovators in Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry community, IOTech is delighted to offer Edge Central - our commercial product based on the open-source EdgeX platform.

IOTech Edge Central offers users technical support guarantees and offers professional services that optimize the adoption of the technology, including online training, technical workshops, bespoke consultancy, pilot projects, and roadmap services.

Key Value-Add Examples

  • Industrial OT Device Support 
  • Time-Saving Device Tooling
  • Deriving Value Quickly
  • Ready-Made Cloud Integration
  • Edge Management at Scale

Find out about the latest EdgeX Foundry product release here: 

Latest Product Release

Commercial Value-Add Features

Edge Central greatly enhances EdgeX with many additional key time-saving features and brings you the edge platform product that you can trust for your demanding edge computing needs.

 Southbound Device Connectivity
  Edge Device Connectivity
  Industrial Control Connectivity
  IP Camera Control
  Device Configuration Tooling
 Edge Decision-Making and Control
 Edge Rules
  Edge Analytics
 Time Series Data Storage 
 Computer Vision Integration 
Northbound Enterprise Connectivity 
 Cloud Vendor Integration
 IoT Protocol Support
 Application Functions SDK
Deployment-Ready Support
 Productization and Usability
 Tooling and Management 
 Technical Support Guarantees
 Consultancy, Pilots and Training
 Accelerated Roadmap Options 
Community Leadership

Our company leaders serve with distinction in essential roles in the EdgeX Foundry community.

EdgeX Foundry Technical Steering Committee | IOTech Systems

Achievement and Contribution

Some of our notable achievements in the open-source community include:

  • IOTech is a founding member of EdgeX Foundry and has led the EdgeX Technical Steering Committee since the beginning of the project
  • IOTech is the second largest code contributor with over 1100 commits and half a million lines of code to EdgeX
  • IOTech played a key role in implementing EdgeX Core functionality, Device Service SDKs, and overall Test & QA processes for the EdgeX Foundry
  • Keith Steele (IOTech CEO) has served as a member of the governing board of EdgeX Foundry and LF Edge
  • Brad Corrion (IOTech CTO) serves on the LF Edge Technical Advisory Council (TAC)
  • James Butcher (IOTech Product Manager) serves as the EdgeX Technical Steering Committee (TSC) chair
  • Numerous IOTech staff members have been awarded EdgeX Foundry Awards for outstanding innovation and contributions
Learn More

To learn more about IOTech’s involvement in open source technology, visit some of the following websites and resources.

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