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Trends in edge computing for hybrid edge-cloud systems and more

This article by Andrew Foster, IOTech's Product Director, highlights key trends that edge computing faces as we head into the latter part of 2022. Read more.

20th Sep 2022 13:00

IOTech's Edge Xpert "Kamakura" release

IOTech's latest Edge Xpert release, now at version 2.2, adds key new features to make the development of edge solutions easier than ever. Read more.

8th Aug 2022 08:00

New edge computing solutions set to revolutionise the power industry

Join Andrew Foster in this blog where he discusses the adoption of new edge computing solutions, forecasted to create disruption in the energy industry.

2nd Aug 2022 09:22

Is My Building Smarter Than me?

The question in the title is rhetorical, but in reality, buildings in which we work, play, and even live are getting smarter says Jim White, IOTech's CTO.

25th Jul 2022 10:50

Major Industrial OEMs are using Edge Xrt for their edge solutions

IOTech's Edge Xrt is already a big hit with major Industrial OEMs. Discover how our edge software platform helps to power their latest edge solutions.

23rd Jun 2022 14:30

Edge Xpert "Jakarta" Release

In this blog, James Butcher explains how the new Edge Xpert features can really help simplify the work of edge IoT solution developers. Read more here.

1st Feb 2022 14:00

The Peggy Smedley Show with Jim White

Jim White, IOTech CTO, and The Peggy Smedley Show talk about the resource shortages that exist today and why technology needs to be put to use.

24th Jan 2022 14:15

EdgeX Performance Update

Discover the latest EdgeX Performance Update on its 2.1 version, Jakarta, including performance metrics of the platform. Read more here.

7th Jan 2022 12:43

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