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IOTech at the National Retail Federation Show (NRF 2020) in New York

IOTech made its first-ever appearance at the National Retail Federation show this year and did so in style. Discover all the details in this blog.

20th Jan 2020 10:37

Edge XRT Available as Part of Edge Xpert 1.6 Release

IOTech Systems announces the release of Edge Xpert 1.6, including the initial availability of Edge XRT. Discover all the details and new capabilities here.

17th Jan 2020 10:32

IOTech Releases Edge Xpert v1.5

IOTech announces the release of version 1.5 of Edge Xpert, our commercially supported implementation of the EdgeX Foundry project. Read more here.

22nd Sep 2019 10:18

Building Automation: A Sweet Spot for EdgeX

Building Automation has become a key vertical market for IOTech & EdgeX Foundry, and both companies have been involved in multiple projects. Read more.

15th Jul 2019 10:11

The Road to Barcelona: the EdgeX Community Demonstrator

IOTech and EdgeX Foundry had a hugely successful IoT Solutions World Congress event in Barcelona. Read more about it here.

24th Oct 2018 16:36

2017: A Year of Momentum for EdgeX and IOTech

Keith Steele, IOTech CEO, EdgeX Foundry Board member & TSC Chair gives his views on why EdgeX Foundry has generated momentum after its launch.

7th Nov 2017 16:26

Another Great F2F TSC Meeting

The main discussion for the meeting was the status of the California Release, projected for early July and the roadmap for the Delhi release due in October.

14th Jun 2017 16:31

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