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Edge Xpert 1.7 Release

IOTech Announces Edge Xpert 1.7 - The latest version of its open edge computing platform with an additional focus on ease-of-use and connectivity for the edge. Edge Xpert 1.7 is another leap forward in both the usability of the product and further expansion of the edge connectivity options provided out-of-the-box.  The main aim of Edge Xpert is to make life easy for developers of IoT edge solutions. It is an edge computing platform that enables the simple integration of OT and IT systems with a number of connectivity and edge computing features delivered as standard. It is a testament to the endeavours of the IOTech engineering team that so many new features and enhancements have been added since the last version, despite the obvious restrictions and changes to working practices brought about by Covid-19.

15th Jul 2020 10:49

IOTech announces the availability of Edge XRT™ - The first open edge software platform for 'time-critical' IoT systems

IOTech announced today the general availability of Edge XRT, a new software platform for time-critical and resource-constrained applications at the IoT Edge. Edge XRT  greatly simplifies the development of time-critical IoT systems at the Edge and enables application portability, improved supportability and faster time-to-market for new IoT edge applications. Edge XRT runs on commodity hardware, independent of silicon provider and operating system and has complete deployment flexibility, it can be deployed as a native application, containerized and/or into a virtualized environment.

9th Jun 2020 22:48

IOTech and Var Group Partnership Enabling Smart Factories

Empoli April 16, 2020 - Var Group, reference operator in the sector of ICT solutions and services, part of the SeSa Spa group, listed on the Star segment of Borsa Italiana, at the forefront alongside other Italian companies that have to face the current emergency situation while complying with all epidemic containment measures, announces the signing of a partnership agreement with IOTech, a global leader in the development of Edge Computing solutions. Together with IOTech, Var Group's Digital Process division will study Industry 4.0 solutions and projects that will make it possible to manage production lines and machinery remotely, even outside the industrial context with a view to smart manufacturing, for the benefit of workers' health, continuity of business and competitiveness of Italian businesses. The collaboration with IOTech will enable companies to develop industry 4.0 projects, which will make it possible to collect and use production data more efficiently for predictive maintenance and market demand management. The collection of data and the interconnection of machinery and production lines will also make production more efficient, by changing the organization of work, which can also be managed remotely, with the necessary expertise. Promoting new platforms for smart working and job digitization support, the Var Group is accelerating the study of solutions for the manufacturing industry as well.

16th Apr 2020 10:32

Profinet Device Service Demo

In this video, we will demonstrate how you can use PROFINET to communicate with IO device sensors using the PROFINET Device Service connector - this is a new device service that allows IOTech's Edge Xpert platform integrates to PROFINET systems. Aligned with IOTech's edge computing solutions, one major domain where large scale edge computing is expected to be adopted in the near future is manufacturing. Industrial Ethernet-based technologies such as PROFINET, S7 and EtherNet/IP, etc. are playing a key role in enabling connectivity to support device monitoring and control. Edge computing helps manufacturers turn the vast data sets generated by machines into insightful and actionable data. It does so by utilizing resources connected to a network, such as temperature sensors, alarms or motor drives. This in turn enables big data analytics to be performed at the source of the data; thereby transforming current manufacturing processes into next-generation IoT enabled smart manufacturing.

25th Mar 2020 10:43

IOTech at the National Retail Federation Show (NRF 2020) in New York City

IOTech made its first-ever appearance at the National Retail Federation show this year (NRF2020 in New York City, Jan 11-14) and did so in style. IOTech's Edge Xpert platform was selected by two retail heavy-hitters, Intel Corporation and HP Inc. to power their demos of edge computing for retail use cases. The primary use case on show was Intelligent Loss Prevention - that is, how to maximize the customer convenience of self-service checkouts, while minimizing the potential losses suffered by the retailer. Self-service checkouts are now commonplace in supermarkets and growing fast in other stores, but the limited integration of data from the discreet devices and applications involved (e.g. bar code scanners, connected weighing scales, POS systems and video cameras) means they are prone to misuse and fraud (examples of that are the subject of a totally different type of blog). However, through innovations at the edge, live integration of this data and the addition of integrated user interfaces allows for misuse to be identified in real-time and store staff immediately alerted to 'help' the customer and investigate.

20th Jan 2020 10:37

Edge XRT Available as Part of Edge Xpert 1.6 Release

IOTech are excited to announce the release of Edge Xpert 1.6. This is a significant new product release for a number of reasons but I wanted to highlight in this blog about how version 1.6 includes the initial availability of Edge XRT. Edge XRT is a new IOTech product we are launching and is the first real-time edge computing platform for the Industrial IoT. Aimed at real-time industrial process automation and embedded microcontroller applications, XRT enables ultra-low latency, high frequency data processing in a powerful edge computing platform. Edge control systems can utilize XRT to make key data-driven decisions within the deterministic timeframes demanded by time-critical IoT applications. We designed XRT to be a fully integrated and complementary extension to EdgeX Foundry, the leading open source edge computing platform. XRT now makes EdgeX the only IoT edge platform capable of supporting the full spectrum of secure hard and soft real-time IoT edge computing needs, and I think our users will really like this new capability.

17th Jan 2020 10:32

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