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Edge Xpert 1.7 Release

IOTech Announces Edge Xpert 1.7, the latest version of its open edge computing platform with an additional focus on ease-of-use and connectivity for the edge.

15th Jul 2020 10:49

IOTech announces the availability of Edge Xrt

IOTech announced today the general availability of Edge Xrt, a new software platform for time-critical and resource-constrained applications at the IoT Edge.

9th Jun 2020 22:48

IOTech and Var Group Partnership Enabling Smart Factories

Discover all the details about IOTech's partnership with Var Group, exploring solutions that enable remote management of production lines and machinery.

16th Apr 2020 10:32

Profinet Device Service Demo

In this video, we will demonstrate how you can use PROFINET to communicate with IO device sensors using the PROFINET Device Service connector.

25th Mar 2020 10:43

IOTech at the National Retail Federation Show (NRF 2020) in New York

IOTech made its first-ever appearance at the National Retail Federation show this year and did so in style. Discover all the details in this blog.

20th Jan 2020 10:37

Edge XRT Available as Part of Edge Xpert 1.6 Release

IOTech Systems announces the release of Edge Xpert 1.6, including the initial availability of Edge XRT. Discover all the details and new capabilities here.

17th Jan 2020 10:32

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