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Corrion will lead the CTO’s Office, steering the critical responsibility of shaping and executing IOTech’s technology strategy.

San Francisco (Jan. 08, 2024) IOTech, the leader in open edge computing, announced the appointment of Brad Corrion as Chief Technology Officer and to the senior management team. Corrion will be responsible for technology strategy, guiding research and development efforts to drive innovation, and providing technical leadership to product management and software development teams.

Corrion is a 26-year veteran of Intel with a rich background in software engineering, solution architecture, and pathfinding, built on expertise spanning manufacturing, embedded device security, IoT, cloud native, and AI at the edge. Recently Corrion was part of Intel’s Health, Education, and Consumer Industries division, where he led a team focused on accelerating the adoption of innovative technologies for these markets.

 “We are delighted to welcome Brad to IOTech, his vision, breadth of technical knowledge and market expertise will be a tremendous asset as we continue to deliver the leading open edge data platform in the market,” said Keith Steele, CEO and co-founder of IOTech. “His prior work within the EdgeX Foundry community connected end users and vendors to solve tangible problems. We’ll use that spirit along with his creativity which produced 15 patents during his career, a testament to his dedication to technology innovation.

 IOTech powers the industrial edge by delivering open software solutions that help companies develop, deploy, and manage edge applications at scale. Its partners and customers include many of the largest industrial OEMs, ISVs, and SIs across vertical markets, including industrial automation, renewable energy, and building automation.

“I’m excited to join IOTech, the leader in open edge computing. I get access to the best tools and capabilities to integrate, deploy, and manage IoT, AI, and control workloads at the edge. And all of this is backed by a truly world-class engineering team with years of experience building middleware and edge solutions. Together we can create the most elegant solutions for today’s industrial data challenges,” said Corrion. “My vision also aligns with IOTech’s continued and significant involvement in EdgeX Foundry, where vendors, developers, and customers alike join together to invest in the software fundamental to everyone’s solutions.”

Corrion will lead a team of field CTOs who are responsible for determining IOTech’s vertical sector technology approach in the important industrial automation, renewable energy, and building automation markets. Having previously worked in these vertical sectors the team has deep knowledge of the edge requirements and this approach is already reaping rewards and has helped IOTech secure several important partnerships and new customers.

About IOTech

IOTech solves the industrial data problem at the edge. Used by the world’s leading providers and consumers of industrial edge solutions, IOTech Edge Central makes industrial data easily accessible, actionable, and manageable. Edge Central is the most comprehensive foundational software solution for the edge and includes connectivity, processing, and edge management. Our modular and flexible plug-and-play, open edge distributed computing data platform and edge management software toolset greatly reduce the time-to-value equation and protect software investment beyond the hardware lifecycle. Edge Central is based on EdgeX, the world’s #1 open-source data integration platform, and a true, vendor-neutral collaborative ecosystem.

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