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IOTech Announces Support for its Edge Software on Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V

IOTech's Edge Xrt is available on the new Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V*, enabling a unique combination of edge software & processor core technology.

31st Aug 2022 08:30

IOTech Partners with Google Cloud to provide integrated Edge-Cloud solutions at scale

IOTech announces today its expanding partnership with Google Cloud to offer smart and integrated edge-cloud solutions for enterprise companies. Read more.

22nd Nov 2021 14:00

IOTech and Building System Integrators collaborate to increase efficiencies in HVAC, BAS and EMS systems and new smart building solutions

IOTech Systems announces its partnership with BSI, to provide its edge computing platform for BSI's siteView™ Building Management Automation Solution.

27th Oct 2021 13:00

IOTech and Lotus Labs partner to deliver AI and visual inference at the IoT edge

IOTech announces its partnership with Lotus Labs, the ML experts, to deliver AI and visual inference solutions at the IoT edge. Read all the details here.

1st Sep 2021 13:00

IOTech and PMY partner to enhance venue management solutions

IOTech is partnering with PMY Group to integrate IOTech's edge software technologies with PMY's venue management solutions. Read more here.

21st Jul 2021 09:00

IOTech Partners with RSA to Add Advanced Security Capability to its Edge Software Solutions

IOTech Systems is partnering with leading security company RSA to add IoT security monitoring technology to its Edge Xpert software platform. Read more.

1st Dec 2020 12:53

IOTech and Var Group Partnership Enabling Smart Factories

Discover all the details about IOTech's partnership with Var Group, exploring solutions that enable remote management of production lines and machinery.

16th Apr 2020 10:32

Prosys OPC and IOTech Systems Limited partner in providing OPC-UA capabilities to EdgeX Foundry

Prosys OPC & IOTech are collaborating in order for Edge Xpert to include an optional Prosys OPC UA Java SDK. Read more here.

27th Nov 2017 11:09

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