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IOTech Systems & RSA collaboration
Edge computing is powering a new wave of business transformations in the IoT. Real business value is delivered by allowing you to analyze and act on your operational data in real-time with incredible agility and precision.

On-premise and edge systems can offer important security advantages over traditional cloud computing approaches, however, there are other security considerations that should be addressed. Edge computing promises a way to respond and overcome these - in part by giving security analysts and admins the ability to monitor, detect and handle IoT threats live and in real-time.

IOTech is partnering with security experts RSA to show how IoT edge computing can help you get IoT secured and allow you to focus on the business benefits that the edge can bring. As part of this webinarIOTech and RSA will be demonstrating the joint solution running in an Industrial IoT context:

  • Watch how IOTech’s Edge Xpert platform is easily configured to ingest and aggregate data from multiple different edge devices communicating via different industrial protocols
  • See how the Edge Xpert platform enables the realization of edge insights via analytics, control and visualization applications all locally and on-premise
  • Crucially, watch how the solution can be easily extended to add RSA’s IoT Security Monitor as part of the deployment
  • The RSA IoT Security Monitor edge agent is seamlessly deployed and managed by Edge Xpert and adds the capability to detect, monitor and report security risks as the edge IoT system is running
  • We simulate some common security threats that exist in this environment and show how these are collected, aggregated and delivered to provide a complete and secure framework for industrial edge computing

Meet the Speakers

Riaz Zolfonoon

Senior Distinguished Engineer

Riaz Zolfonoon leads the emerging technology research at RSA Labs. He is responsible for defining the strategic vision for IoT security. Riaz also represents RSA at industry standards and consortia such as IIC, EdgeX Foundry, and FIDO/IoT. Prior to this role, Riaz was responsible for the technical direction and architecture for RSA identity products. Previously, he worked on several security technologies such as PKI, Multi-Factor Authentication, Web Access Management, and Identity-as-a-Service.

Tom Urquhart PhD.

SVP Global Solutions
IOTech Systems

Tom is responsible for delivering industrial solutions based on IOTech's leading-edge computing platforms. In this role, he works closely with IOTech's global delivery partners and end-user customers. He recently joined the company from PwC, where he was Global Chief Architect. Tom has over 35 years' IT and industry experience, working worldwide in sectors such as retail, FMCG, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecoms and utilities. He has deep experience in technologies such as middleware, data processing, ERP, integration and the application of these to help solve complex business problems. Tom holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

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20th Nov 2020 09:47

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