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Zigbee Device Connector

Connect to a Zigbee network and easily read and write data to devices with IOTech’s high performance Zigbee device connector

Protocol Description

Zigbee is an open wireless mesh network protocol managed by the Zigbee Alliance group. It is designed to transmit small amounts of data between low-power devices on the network. Zigbee is used in residential and commercial building automation environments, industrial heating and cooling systems, and in the medical device sector.

Zigbee is a local area network (LAN) protocol, whereas Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is more focused around connectivity of mobile devices in close proximity to a central host device.

The Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL) defines a set of functions and profiles that allow device manufacturers to meaningfully communicate with each other via the protocol. For example, there are Zigbee clusters that define standardized instructions for sensing, lighting and HVAC devices. Zigbee supports both star, tree and mesh network structures and requires a coordinator device to manage the connectivity.

Zigbee Connector Specification

IOTech’s Zigbee device connector supports detailed communication with Zigbee devices including support for a key set of Zigbee verified cluster types.

The Zigbee device connector implements the following key features:

    • Reading responses from a Zigbee 3.0 enabled device that supports at least one of the verified clusters

    • Support for handling multiple simultaneous responses from devices

    • Sending commands to a Zigbee 3.0 enabled device that supports at least one of the verified clusters

    • Supported Zigbee verified clusters are Basic, On/Off, Level and Color Control

    • When forming a new Zigbee network, the connector allows for unsecured device connection and communication

    • Configurable Zigbee baud rate for connecting to the network

    • Support for Boolean, Int8, Uint8, Int16, Uint16, Int32, Uint32, Int64, Uint64, Float32, Float64 and String data types

Note: The Zigbee device connector requires access to a Zigbee Network Co-Processor (NCP) module running "ezsp version 0x07 stack type 0x02".

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