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MQTT Device Connector

Connect to MQTT devices at the edge and easily read and write data using IOTech’s enhanced MQTT device connector.

Protocol Description

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is an open ISO standard for lightweight, platform independent, publish-subscribe communication between devices. MQTT has become perhaps the most dominant protocol for application level data delivery in the Internet of Things (IoT) with client libraries available in most programming languages.

MQTT is often used by modern edge devices and device adapters, but is also the protocol most commonly used for connecting edge systems to the cloud. It is therefore found in almost all industries relating to edge computing and the IoT.

Usually implemented via a broker, MQTT provides a Quality of Service for requesting ‘at most once’, ‘at least once’ and ‘exactly once’ data delivery between publishers and subscribers. Information is described via a hierarchy of named Topics, but there is no specific formatting of the data payload.  This must be decoded when it is received at the subscriber side. MQTT almost always uses TCP/IP for its transport.

MQTT Connector Specification

IOTech’s MQTT device connector supports the reading and writing of MQTT data to edge devices along with value-add features for simplified ease-of-use.

The MQTT device connector implements the following key features:

  • Connection to an MQTT broker configured by an IP address, port number, username and password

  • Reading data from an MQTT topic asynchronously

  • Reading data from an MQTT topic synchronously; that is sending a read request to an MQTT topic and listening to another MQTT topic for the result

  • Writing data to an MQTT topic

  • Specification of the MQTT Quality of Service (QoS) with which to read and write data

  • Supports the JSON text format and passing the obtained values to the following data types: Boolean, Int8, Uint8, Int16, Uint16, Int32, Uint32, Int64, Uint64, Float32, Float64 and String

  • Provides a template mechanism for message formatting so message parsing can be generic

  • Simplified user configuration with the MQTT Topic definitions statically described in the connector’s device configuration profile

  • Performance and error handling advantages provided by a configurable connection pool to the MQTT broker and automatic reconnect mechanisms

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mqtt message queuing telemetry transport

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