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Accelerate Your Device Connectivity with Advanced Tooling

A key part of the IOTech edge software product offering is user-friendly tooling to fast-track the roll out of edge device connectivity. The efficient onboarding of devices and sensors to IOTech’s edge software platforms is achieved by defining configuration profiles for each device that needs to be connected. IOTech’s Device Configuration Tool provides a quick and easy process to create, edit and manage these device configurations making it straightforward to connect and onboard devices at scale.

Graphical Interfaces and Wizards

The Device Configuration Tool provides online browser-based graphical interfaces and intuitive wizards that greatly simplify the process of defining the edge devices and how data should flow. Protocol-specific menus are provided for users to model the devices they need with ease.

Supporting both Edge Xpert and Edge XRT

IOTech’s Edge Xpert and Edge XRT software platforms are both supported by the Device Configuration Tool. The tool generates the optimal file format for each platform, so it is a consistent and easy process to design your device configurations regardless of the edge platform that the device will be connected to. Edge Xpert and Edge XRT customers can create configurations for all of the IOTech supported connector types.

Free Use for the EdgeX Community!

IOTech are delighted to provide EdgeX Foundry users with free access to our Device Configuration Tool. EdgeX users can create themselves a free account and immediately begin to create device configuration profiles for the protocols provided by the EdgeX Foundry. The Device Configuration Tool is a key part of the EdgeX Foundry’s EdgeX Ready program. Check back here for more details soon.

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Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial video to see how simple it is to create device configurations for Modbus-based devices. Further tutorials for other protocols will be available soon.

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