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Edge Xpert: Security at the Edge

Security is of course a key aspect of any edge computing solution. Edge Xpert is based on open-source software with open APIs and SDKs but protection from outside interference is built into the platform at every level. Authorization, authentication and secret management are key aspects of the platform infrastructure, which also lets you plug in any additional or company-specific security features you need.

Restricting Access

Edge Xpert provides a Reverse Proxy or API Gateway to provide restricted access to the microservice APIs. Only those users authorized by the system will be allowed access to the microservices. This functionality is fulfilled by the Kong API Gateway specifically configured for use in the platform.

Secret Management

Edge Xpert includes a secret store that can securely manage sensitive information at the edge. Such information may include security tokens, certificates and user passwords. Edge Xpert secrets are stored using the Vault Secret Store which is again specifically configured for convenient use in the platform.

Threat Detection from RSA

IOTech have partnered with established IoT Security experts RSA to bring Edge Xpert users added support for integrated threat detection and live monitoring capability at the edge.

RSA’s NetWitness IoT product can be seamlessly deployed as an Edge Xpert-managed microservice which runs at the edge detecting threats and suspicious activity.  Operators are notified of risks via a dedicated security dashboard allowing them to act in real time. NetWitness IoT interoperates with the Edge Xpert core microservices and utilizes sophisticated Machine Learning and AI techniques to accurately detect threats and compromised IoT devices.

As an RSA Ready Technology Partner, IOTech can help users evaluate and deploy the NetWitness IoT software as a key SaaS security add-on to the Edge Xpert platform. For more information refer to

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