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Edge Xpert 1.8

Delivering new and exclusive features designed to get your edge device connectivity and AI solutions to market as quickly and easily as possible

Computer Vision at the Edge

Brand-new computer vision pack for exciting inference and edge insight use cases


Device Config Tooling

Great new online tooling for creating and editing device configuration files with ease


Connectivity & Platform Upgrades

OT enhancements and updates for Modbus, BLE and PROFINET. Plus, now run on Windows


Plus enhancements from the EdgeX Foundry Hanoi release

As well as the above new features, Edge Xpert 1.8 incorporates key enhancements provided by the EdgeX Foundry's seventh community release including:

  • Support for Device Services to be distributed across different hosts from the other Edge Xpert microservices
  • Event data tagging to allow the ability to configure each Edge Xpert instance to tag the data with a unique reference as it is exported northbound
  • Upgrades to the provided security, configuration, and rules services with new releases of Vault, Kong, Consul and Kuiper
  • The first availability of the EdgeX V2 APIs which are provided in beta form and will be productized and available for full commercial use in the next major release of Edge Xpert

Trial the latest version of Edge Xpert, read the full Edge Xpert product data sheet or find out more about EdgeX Hanoi below:

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