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Openness, Flexibility and Choice at the IoT Edge 

Don’t be constrained to fixed choices for delivering edge computing in your organization. Choose an open edge computing platform that gives you the freedom to innovate and realize key business-value at the edge without dependencies on an individual technology or vendor.

Based on the Linux Foundation's open source EdgeX Foundry platform, Edge Xpert is a comprehensive yet open and extensible edge computing platform that will greatly decrease OT and IT integration effort, reduce time to market and lower your total cost and business risk.

Edge Xpert Architecture:

Edge Xpert Key Benefits:

Connect and Control Devices
Extensive support for easy integration of southbound OT devices and sensors at the edge. Lots of connectors for many industrial and OT protocols are already available, with easy-to-use tooling to help onboard and connect new devices. Use the provided open SDK to easily create new connectors or ask IOTech Professional Services to help create and integrate what you need
Open Choice of Analytics
Edge Xpert aggregates your operational edge data and is delivered with reference rules engines and analytics packages that are available out-of-the-box. If you have your own analytics or a favored third party package, plug that in instead. Standard APIs mean you can easily replace the default options with others when needed
Cloud and IT System Agnostic
Easily integrate and share edge data to your choice of northbound Cloud and IT systems. Built-in support for steaming to the main cloud vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM are provided along with the additional flexibility to create more integrations with a northbound application SDK. You can choose to export data via different northbound protocols like MQTT, REST and Kafka, or again use the SDK to create more possibilities
Scalability and Performance
Harness the connectivity and digital value of as many edge devices as your organization needs. Edge Xpert has a scalable design with numerous efficiency optimizations that give you control at many levels throughout the stack. Edge Xpert can operate automously from the cloud so enables truly on-premise system operations
Run on Any Device
Edge Xpert is hardware, operating system and processor independent so you can run it on your choice of edge computing device. Users typically run Edge Xpert on IoT gateways and edge servers but the Edge Xpert containers can easily run on any target device. If your target platform has limited power or you have time-critical requirements, the complementary sister product Edge XRT adds a real-time capability and runs on microcontrollers & resource-constrained devices
Modular and Flexible
Edge Xpert is based on a modular and flexible microservices architecture. Each microservice provides a specific capability at the edge, so choose only the features you need at each level and be in complete control of resources and functionality. Don’t forget you also have the freedom to create your own microservices using the standard APIs and open SDKs
Active Community and Ecosystem
Edge Xpert is based on the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry open-source computing platform. IOTech productize and enhance EdgeX with a number of additional key features to bring you Edge Xpert - the platform that you can trust for your demanding edge computing needs. The large and ever-expanding EdgeX community are available to add other valuable components and options to the platform when needed. IOTech is part of an open ecosystem of collaborating companies
Security as Standard
Security is, of course, a key aspect of any edge computing solution. Edge Xpert is based on open-source software with open APIs and SDKs but protection from outside interference is built into the platform at every level. Authorization, authentication and secret management are key aspects of the platform infrastructure, but the platform lets you plug in any additional or company-specific security features you need.
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Key Product Features:

  • Modern and loosely coupled microservices architecture that is hardware and operating system agnostic
  • Advanced integration with multiple OT device protocols including Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA, BLE, Zigbee, EtherCAT, PROFINET and many more, with a Device SDK to create further connectors
  • Integration with multiple IT and Cloud systems including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM and more, with an Application SDK to create more integrations as needed
  • Provision of edge analytics, decision making, control and visualization with standard APIs and the capability to easily integrate to more
  • Critical security features to preserve the safe running of the platform
  • Advanced system tooling to fast-track the development, testing, deployment and administration of the platform

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