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The Open and Scalable Edge Management Solution

Current solutions for managing application in an enterprise IT or Cloud environment cannot adequately support applications deployed at the edge. The edge needs its own solutions.  

IOTech’s Edge Builder provides a flexible and open solution that supports the management of edge systems at scale.  In an edge system consisting of potentially 100s or 1000s of nodes addressing the problem of hardware provisioning which includes secure node registration, software installation and monitoring, combined with need to deploy, orchestrate and monitor IoT applications in a distributed and heterogeneous edge environment is a significant challenge.

Built on a foundation of mature open technologies Edge Builder provides an edge management solution that can be hosted on-premise or the cloud and can support node (e.g. MCU, gateway or edge server) and application management independent of hosting environment, target deployment nodes and application workloads.  

What Edge Builder Does

  • Centralized management for IoT edge application and devices
  • Cloud hosted or on-premise solution
  • Manage Applications
    • Deployment & orchestration of both containerized and native applications
    • Lifecycle management - start, stop & restart
    • Application monitoring – metrics and alerts
    • Data monitoring
    • Device/Sensor provisioning
    • Application store – central repository for all you applications
  • Manage Nodes
    • Device onboarding
    • OS, firmware, infrastructure, certs install & update
    • Node monitoring – metrics and alerts
  • Alerts and metrics visualisation for managed application and devices  

A trial version of Edge Builder is currently available to selected partners for evaluation. If you are interested in learning more about the product or to participate in our trial program then please contact IOTech.


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