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OPC UA Device Connector

Easily connect and integrate with industrial OPC-UA systems using IOTech’s feature-rich OPC-UA device connector

Protocol Description

OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture) is an open communication protocol for exchanging information in industrial automation systems. OPC-UA provides a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and a detailed information model that allows OPC-UA Clients and Servers to communicate in great detail.

The OPC-UA specification (IEC 62541) has multiple parts that cover subjects such as the Address Space model, the Information model, Mapping, Data Access and Security.

OPC-UA is cross platform and supported in many environments, leading to it becoming one of the dominant and most widely used protocols in the Industrial IoT.

OPC UA Connector Specification

IOTech’s OPC-UA device connector securely communicates with any OPC-UA standard based Servers and provides a number of advanced options for data connectivity.

The OPC-UA device connector implements the following key features:

  • Reading data from a node present on an OPC-UA Server

  • Writing data to a node present on an OPC-UA Server

  • Support for UA_Boolean, UA_SByte, UA_Byte, UA_Int16, UA_UInt16, UA_Int32, UA_UInt32, UA_Int64, UA_UInt64, UA_Float, UA_Double, UA_String and UA_DateTime data types

  • Secure connectivity with options for specifying usernames & passwords, encryption levels, and private keys & certificates (from the OPC-UA SecureChannel Service Specification)

  • Automatic and configurable monitoring of OPC-UA node values and events (from the OPC-UA Subscription and MonitoredItem Service Specifications)

  • Support for the discovery and automatic connectivity of OPC-UA Servers when ran with an OPC-UA Local Discovery Service (from the OPC-UA Discovery Service Specification)

  • Support for browsing an OPC-UA Server address space and automatic data flow to located OPC-UA nodes (from the OPC-UA View Service Specification)

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