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ONVIF Device Connector

Easily connect to and control ONVIF compatible cameras and security equipment using IOTech’s feature-rich ONVIF camera device connector.

Protocol Description

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a global and open industry organization that was created to facilitate the development and use of an open standard for physical IP-based security equipment.

The goal of ONVIF is to enable standardized communication between camera devices and create vendor-independent interoperability between network video products. ONVIF now has hundreds of member companies with thousands of ONVIF-compliant devices on the market.

Key benefits of ONVIF include freedom of choice and flexibility - since end-users and security integrators are not locked into proprietary technology from individual manufacturers. Other benefits include future-proof security installations due to the guaranteed forward and backward compatibility between different device models, as well as easier and more standardized installation and site maintenance.

ONVIF and other camera standards allow video and image feed to be remotely collected for viewing by human operators or passed to edge analytics or video inference & computer vision engines which are able to infer valuable information from the feeds. Such information could be the automated identification of specific products or the number of people detected in a given area. This information can then be fused with other data sources to provide an accurate representation of the local environment and is valuable in systems such as manufacturing, retail, transportation and sports venue management.

ONVIF Connector Specification

IOTech’s ONVIF device connector allows for standardized remote access and control of ONVIF-compliant cameras.

The ONVIF device connector implements the following key features:

  • Dynamically onboard (and remove) a device using its IP address, port, username and password

  • Access image snapshot URIs from a device

  • Access video stream URIs from a device

  • Enable ONVIF event subscriptions from a device which are ingested into the platform

  • Control the device’s positioning via pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) operations including relative, continuous and absolute camera movements

  • Support for setting and moving to the PTZ “home” location

  • Convenient setup with supplied configurations for the main ONVIF Profiles including Device Management, Event, Media and PTZ

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