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Modbus Device Connector

Easily read and write data to Modbus devices using IOTech’s high performance Modbus connector and edge software services

Modbus is a widely used open communications protocol that delivers data between control systems and devices. Modbus is one of the most prevalent protocols used in OT systems - particularly in Industrial Automation and Building Management.

Modbus is master/slave protocol and uses a set of fixed commands to communicate. The Modbus master device can write data to a Modbus slave device and optionally request a response from the slave. Modbus data is stored using single-bit coils and discrete input types, as well as 16-bit input registers and holding registers for more detailed information.

IOTech Device Connectivity

The IoT edge is a complex and highly fragmented environment. A growing number of vendors supply a huge number of different sensors and devices that produce data using an ever-increasing variety of communication protocols. The devices themselves are becoming more and more intelligent, but it is always extremely challenging to connect and seamlessly communicate with these devices in an efficient and business-scalable way.

IOTech's Device Connectivity software greatly simplifies the work required to connect to and communicate with different devices and sensors at the IoT edge. It presents a large set of easy-to-use device connectors that support fast and efficient data flow from the devices to edge and cloud platforms.

Edge Data Processing and Cloud Streaming

IOTech’s Edge Xpert and Edge XRT software platforms are both supported by the Device Configuration Tool. The tool generates the optimal file format for each platform, so it is a consistent and easy process to design your device configurations regardless of the edge platform that the device will be connected to. Edge Xpert and Edge XRT customers can create configurations for all of the IOTech supported connector types.

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