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File Device Connector

Automatically ingest files from a watched directory using IOTech’s highly configurable File device connector.

Protocol Description

Many modern IoT systems require the collection and analysis of file-based data that is created by both new and legacy edge devices. These use cases require files and their contents to be delivered up to applications, IT systems and the Cloud. The automated collection and delivery of simple files can provide critical data for optimizing business operations – for example, IT systems making use of data from previously-siloed OT platforms.

Typical requirements include the delivery of file contents in both string and binary format, specifying which directories and filenames to watch, and deleting the original edge files once they have been ingested and delivered northbound.

File Connector Specification

IOTech’s File device connector supports the automatic ingestion of file data from the edge for analysis and northbound distribution.

The File device connector implements the following key features:

  • Support for both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP devices

  • Reading data from existing and newly created files located on the host system

  • Delivery of file data contents in string or binary format

  • The configuration of which host directory to monitor

  • Filtering of specific named files via regular expression configuration

  • The specification of minimum and maximum file sizes to ingest

  • The optional automatic deletion of files once the contents have been ingested

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