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The Edge Xpert 2.1 Release

Including key updates from the EdgeX Jakarta release, Edge Xpert 2.1 adds major architectural improvements and other exclusive features designed to help get your Edge IoT solutions to market as quickly and easily as possible.

Key New Product Features:

Optimized Edge Data Flow

The modern microservices architecture of Edge Xpert has always been key for enabling users to build flexible and modular Edge IoT solutions. This latest version of Edge Xpert provides new and completely revised APIs for each of the microservices. See Jim White's explanation of the API changes here.

The platform now also benefits from an internal architecture where the microservices communicate via a pub/sub message bus.

These architectural improvements mean Edge Xpert V2 delivers:

  • A clean and consistent set of APIs that better manage data and object information
  • Support for protocol independent communication between the microservices (e.g. Message Bus or REST)
  • More structured and standardised request/response usage throughout the API
  • Faster and more efficient data flow via the internal message bus – compared to REST communication alone
OT and IT Connectivity Enhancements

Edge Xpert V2 benefits from an updated and simplified representation of the edge devices and sensors that are connected to the platform. It also includes new northbound and southbound connectors and performance improvements:

  • Redesigned and more succinct V2 syntax for device profiles
  • The Device Configuration Tool (DCT) has been updated to generate V2 style device profiles and can migrate existing profiles to the new format. DCT can also now import device profiles via comma separated CSV files.
  • Addition of a WebSockets device connector allowing applications to push data into Edge Xpert via the WebSocket protocol
  • Performance gains for the Siemens S7 device connector including multi block read and write support
  • Addition of Postgres Time Series support with TimescaleDB integration and data streaming
Brand New User Interface

The new Edge Xpert Management User Interface allows users to easily administer and interact with a running Edge Xpert system. Running against the new APIs, the Manager UI allows the following key features:

  • Dashboard overview feature for at-a-glance status
  • Add, Edit, Delete functionality across all Edge Xpert components
  • Wizard-based onboarding of Device and Cloud/IT systems
  • Dynamically start/stop/restart Edge Xpert user application services
  • Data Center for viewing all data ingested into the platform

Sample Edge Xpert Manager UI screenshots shown below:

EdgeX Jakarta Updates

As well as the above new features, Edge Xpert 2.1 incorporates key enhancements provided by the EdgeX Foundry's ninth community release

Jakarta is the EdgeX Foundry’s first Long Term Support (LTS) version of the framework and therefore indicates a stabilisation release of the preceding 2.0 release so includes key bug fixes and other updates

    Trial the latest version of Edge Xpert, read the full Edge Xpert product data sheet or find out more about EdgeX Jakarta below:

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