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IOTech Continues to Play Pivotal Role in EdgeX Foundry Leadership

EdgeX Foundry announces the appointment of IOTech technical staff to key leadership positions as well as IOTech success in the annual contribution awards.

20th Jul 2022 09:00

Industrial Device Connectivity for EdgeX Foundry

IOTech's commercial-grade device connectors enable EdgeX users to simplify the work required to connect & communicate with devices at sensors. Read more

17th Feb 2021 13:15

IOTech Announce Support for Computer Vision and AI at the IoT Edge

Edge Xpert users can now control camera devices, collect video streams & automatically apply AI and vision inference right at the edge. Read more here.

8th Feb 2021 13:18

Hitting Performance Targets at the IoT Edge

James Butcher's, IOTech Systems Product Manager, analyses the lates EdgeX foundry product update: The Hanoi Release. Read more about it here.

3rd Feb 2021 00:42

IOTech Releases Edge Xpert v1.5

IOTech announces the release of version 1.5 of Edge Xpert, our commercially supported implementation of the EdgeX Foundry project. Read more here.

22nd Sep 2019 10:18

IOTech to develop EdgeX Foundry Community Demonstrator

IOTech Systems announces that the company is in the process of developing an EdgeX Foundry community demonstrator. Read more here.

12th Aug 2018 11:17

IOTech CEO Keith Steele elected as the founding chair of the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry Project Technical Steering Committee

Keith Steele, IOTech Systems CEO, had been elected as the founding Chair of Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry. Read more here.

22nd Jun 2017 10:58

New Industrial IoT Software and Services company, IOTech aligns with Linux Foundation EdgeX Foundry Project aimed at unifying the ecosystem for IoT Edge Solutions

IOTech Systems announces that it is joining the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry™ open source project as a founding member. Read more.

21st Apr 2017 10:54

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