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Jim White, IOTech CTO's 2023 Predictions

Edge computing and Industrial IoT expert Jim White, IOTech's CTO, provides his top 5 predictions & honorable mentions for the coming year. Read more here.

1st Dec 2022 09:22

IOTech Edge Xrt, Available on Intel® Pathfinder for RISC-V

IOTech's Edge Xrt is available on the new Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V*, enabling a unique combination of edge software & processor core technology.

31st Aug 2022 08:30

IOTech Continues to Play Pivotal Role in EdgeX Foundry Leadership

EdgeX Foundry announces the appointment of IOTech technical staff to key leadership positions as well as IOTech success in the annual contribution awards.

20th Jul 2022 09:00

New Edge Xrt release, the platform for time-critical OT systems

IOTech's Edge Xrt 2.0 provides extended OT connectivity, auto-discovery for device onboarding, a new MQTT API & improved performance and scalability.

23rd Jun 2022 14:30

IIoT platforms are opening the door to new revenue sources

To achieve the full benefits of IIoT platforms, providers must focus on the customer's specific use case, according to IOTech's recent panel of IIoT experts.

25th May 2022 13:00

Edge Xpert to help develop 'factories of the future'

Working closely with CONFIRM, IOTech will assist in advancing technologies used in the acquisition and processing of data at the edge for smart manufacturing

31st Mar 2022 15:00

IOTech announces major upgrade of Edge Xpert

IOTech's Edge Xpert 2.1 supports EdgeX Foundry's redesigned architecture & new APIs, including additional key features to enable commercial deployments.

1st Feb 2022 14:00

IOTech's 2021 Highlights in IIoT

IOTech enjoyed a successful year of growth in customers and partnerships, a new product launch and advances in its technology in 2021. Read more here.

20th Dec 2021 14:00

IOTech's partnership with Google Cloud

IOTech announces today its expanding partnership with Google Cloud to offer smart and integrated edge-cloud solutions for enterprise companies. Read more.

22nd Nov 2021 14:00

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