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IOTech Adds Key Industrial Connectivity in Latest Edge Xpert Release

Edge Xpert 1.7, IOTech Systems' latest release of open edge computing platform features new ease-of-use and industrial connectivity features. Read more.

25th Aug 2020 22:40

IOTech Announces Edge Xpert 1.7 - The Latest Version of its Open Edge Computing Platform with an Additional Focus on Ease-of-use and Connectivity for the Edge

Join us in this blog regarding the latest version of IOTech's Edge Xpert, another leap forward in usability and further expansion of the edge connectivity options.

15th Jul 2020 15:05

IOTech announces the availability of Edge Xrt

IOTech announced today the general availability of Edge Xrt, a new software platform for time-critical and resource-constrained applications at the IoT Edge.

9th Jun 2020 22:48

IOTech Announces Edge Xpert Fuji v1.6

IOTech Systems announced the release of Edge Xpert v1.6 the latest version of its IoT software platform targeting industrial edge applications. Read more.

13th Jan 2020 22:56

IOTech Releases Edge Xpert v1.5

IOTech announces the release of version 1.5 of Edge Xpert, our commercially supported implementation of the EdgeX Foundry project. Read more here.

22nd Sep 2019 10:18

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