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Leveraging Embedded IoT Capabilities to Supercharge Your Edge Solution

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Watch Andrew Foster, IOTech Product Director, as he discusses how Industrial OEMs and ISVs are transforming their customer’s operations by adding new edge computing capabilities to their solutions

Industrial users are increasingly seeking new solutions that allow them to leverage their equipment data in ways not previously possible. This includes the ability to deploy new IoT enabled applications that utilize the latest advances in AI, ML and software analytics to improve the efficiency of their operations. 

Industrial OEMs and ISVs are responding to this need by creating a new generation of software defined edge solutions that utilize the latest advances in edge computing to create products that are much more IoT capable, configurable and extensible than was previously possible.  

This Session Covers:

  • Business opportunities and key market trends that are driving the need for industrial OEMs and ISVs to supercharge their offerings with the latest IoT capabilities
  • Capabilities that are key to achieving this flexibility, including the ability to connect to any OT device and read/write data, run local analytics at the edge and interoperate with different IT/Cloud endpoints
  • How IOTech’s OEM and ISV partners leverage our embedded edge technologies such as Edge XRT to enhance their solutions with a range of IoT capabilities and the value that this brings
  • How using an open architecture with standard APIs makes it easy to integrate with your own solution 

We will also provide a short demonstration of the capabilities discussed during the presentation including how to onboard OT devices and acquire (or write) data independently from ANY underlying protocol, how to create or integrate with other edge applications to perform low latency edge processing, how to integrate with different Cloud/IT endpoints and finally, how to deploy, manage and monitor this capability at scale at the edge.

22nd Oct 2021 09:24

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