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Panel Discussion:

Join leaders from Eaton, Mitsubishi Power, and Schneider Electric to discuss innovation success in Industrial IoT edge computing

Hear Industrial IoT leaders discuss how industrial sector companies and OEMs are producing real world edge solutions to disrupt the marketplace, capture new revenues, save precious resources, and lead their sectors in innovation.

Learn what these IoT/edge leaders do to succeed, what challenges still remain, and how they envision the future of IoT/edge computing.

The panel discussion will cover:
  • How they are leveraging edge computing to make their companies more successful
  • What sort of return on investment, resource savings or safety improvements is edge computing delivering
  • What are some of the problems they are facing
  • How real world IIoT / edge computing solutions can be accomplished at scale today
  • What type of technology partners are helping industrial OEMs build their edge solutions
  • What the future of edge computing looks like

 Panelists & Host:

Jim White | IOTech - Chief Technology Officer  Host

Jim is a information technology professional with over twenty-five years of experience leading the design and development of software applications for a wide variety of industries. Jim serves as Technical Steering Committee Chairman and unofficial chief architect to EdgeX Foundry – an open framework for building industrial IoT / edge solutions. Co-founder of the project. 

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Mark Verheyen | Eaton - Chief Engineer - Embedded Platforms  Panelist

Mark Verheyen is Chief Engineer for Eaton's RTOS and Linux based embedded platforms. Mark's current responsibility is to drive these architectures to enable product teams to quickly develop intelligent and cybersecure IoT enabled solutions. 

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Rohit Kadam | Mitsubishi Power - Product Manager Panelist

Rohit currently works at Mitsubishi Power Americas with the Battery Energy Storage Solutions team as a product manager. Rohit contributes to all phases of the battery management system product development life cycle with a focus on instrumentation and controls (I&C), digital transformation, economies of scale, and technology/systems integration.

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El Ayachi Moktad | Schneider Electric - IIoT Connectivity Director Panelist

El Ayachi is a recognized expert in Industrial automation and IoT Edge. He occupied several R&D positions in France and US and participated to many IoT projects in Manufacturing, O&G and Machinery. He leads a global IoT Edge program helping multiple line of businesses solving connectivity and edge computing challenges.

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1st Mar 2022 09:13


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