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Take Part in the Largest IoT Ecosystem EdgeX Hackathon!

We are excited to announce that LF Edge’s EdgeX Foundry community is planning a series of hackathons focused on addressing real-world use cases. 

As one of the sponsors, IOTech would like to invite you to join.

Location: Tech Nexus in Chicago 

Time: October 8, 2019

Participants: Developers from students to retail end-users and technology solution providers.

The event will focus on the retail market and work stemmed from the Commerce (e.g. Retail) Working Group within the EdgeX Foundry project and the related Open Retail Initiative (ORI).

Participants will use their talents and creativity combined with the EdgeX framework, commercial content from sponsoring companies and the rules of the event to develop a solution for either one of the specified customer-valued retail use-cases or an additional open category.

EdgeX Open Categories:

  • Advanced loss prevention – Leverage EdgeX to correlate computer vision events with telemetry from sensors such as RFID and transaction logs data from Point-of-Sale systems for improved loss prevention/theft detection
  • Dynamic personalized retail experience – Take computer vision and sensor data to drive a better in-store customer experience based on individual shopper preference
  • Inventory management – Use data from sensors and scanners (hand-held and/or drone-based) to improve inventory accuracy
  • Open category – Get creative and take your pick of a retail-centric use case! Just make sure it would be deemed valuable by end-users

Register: Click Here

For an overview of the hackathon, a quick introduction to the EdgeX framework, tips and a Q&A please see EdgeX Open webinar


  • First Place: Team will receive USD$5,000*. The first-place team will be invited to a future industry event to present their winning solution.
  • Second Place: Team will receive USD$2,500*
  • Third Place:  Team will receive USD$1,250* 

* Prizes awarded in the form of a check, to be distributed amongst all Team members

For more information about the event please visit Open EdgeX Hackathon

7th Oct 2019 16:50

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