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 Automating Edge Deployment webcast | IOTech Systems

Join Jim White, IOTech CTO and recognized industry expert for the latest instalment in IOTech’s Webcast Series as he discusses the problem of managing edge deployments at scale.

Many organizations are going through a process of digital transformation powered by the IoT and new edge computing technologies.  In industrial markets the edge is playing an increasingly important role in this transformation as it provides many recognized benefits from facilitating convergence between the OT and IT worlds to reducing latency and the costs of processing vast amounts of data in the cloud. It also helps to improve overall the security of a system by mitigating concerns about off-premise execution.

With these benefits in mind one of last major inhibitors to the wide scale adoption of a new generation of IoT-enable edge solutions is how to manage the deployment of these technologies at scale.

When the number of edge nodes and connected devices are small the problem is tractable, even using manual approaches to provisioning and management. However, as scale of the system increases to 1000s of nodes and devices/sensors, then automating much of the provisioning and life cycle management of an edge system becomes critical.    

The webinar will cover:

  • The scope of the automation challenge, including nodes, applications, and devices/sensors and their differences
  • How edge management differs from cloud/enterprise management and the specific challenges of automating edge/IoT deployments
  • The need for open architecture edge management solutions to enable edge deployment automation

There will also be a demonstration of Edge Builder, IOTech’s automated edge management solution.  Edge builder is hardware agnostic, edge-centric, edge management solution designed to automate the deployment and management of edge nodes their connected sensors/devices as well as the applications (both containerized and native) that will run on them.

Watch the webinar on-demand here

9th Nov 2021 11:16

Edge builder IOTech webcast series

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