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EdgeX users can now utilize IOTech’s commercial-grade connectors

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I recently wrote about how IOTech’s new device connectivity tooling makes it easy to create the configurations that describe your edge IoT devices. It’s then really simple to get those devices quickly onboarded to either one of IOTech’s commercial edge platforms or the open-source EdgeX Foundry platform. We are really pleased to have made that tool available as a free online service to the EdgeX community.

Expertise in Industrial Connectivity

Here at IOTech, we have built up a large set of device connectors for our Edge Xpert and Edge XRT platforms and support a long list of protocols including Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA, BLE, Zigbee, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and many others. Whether your industry vertical is manufacturing, process control, telemetry, building automation or retail, you need will device connectivity. Read about the full list we provide here.

Device connectors | IOTech Systems

We have enhanced and productized the EdgeX open-source connectors and added support for a large set that aren’t available in the community. Our engineering teams have great OT expertise with industrial automation protocols such as: EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Siemens S7 and PROFINET to name a few.

Device Connectivity for EdgeX Foundry

As I said, EdgeX already provides some open-source device connectors as part of the project for example: Modbus, BACnet, REST and MQTT are all ready and available to use. However, I wanted to let the EdgeX community know that the IOTech set of commercial-grade industrial device connectors are now available to integrate directly with the open-source platform too…

IOTech connectors with open source EdgeX

While IOTech customers and partners continue to enjoy the value-add benefits of the Edge Xpert and Edge XRT platforms, some of the EdgeX community prefer to build on the open source EdgeX Foundry themselves. Those EdgeX users can now deploy any of the IOTech device connectors when they want to ingest or send data using our set of supported industrial protocols. Also, they might prefer to use the IOTech value-add implementations of the open-source versions, for example the performance and scalability enhancements we’ve added to the Modbus and BACnet device connectors – and have those services commercially supported. The IOTech connectors all use the same APIs as EdgeX so compatibility is no problem.

Author: James ButcherIOTech Product Manager | EdgeX Foundry QA/Test Chair

17th Feb 2021 13:15

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