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Smart Camera Connectivity at the IoT Edge

As specialists at the IoT Edge, IOTech's software products allow users to connect, onboard and acquire data from a whole host of different OT devices. To add cameras to that list, IOTech have created a software service that lets you easily connect to and control ONVIF compatible devices.

15th Jul 2021 12:22

Device Connectivity Tooling at the Edge

IOTech's new device connectivity tooling made available to the EdgeX community to save developer time and foster collaboration. IOTech's edge computing software platforms are designed to support cases exactly like this. Based on the Linux Foundation's open source EdgeX Foundry project, Edge Xpert and its time-critical sister product Edge XRT are modern microservice architectures with dedicated Device Service connectors that are designed to easily interface with the devices found at the IoT edge. The EdgeX Device Services provide a decoupling where devices and sensors speaking different protocols are easily connected to the platform via a standard code-free mechanism. To connect a device to EdgeX, the user just needs to configure the mapping between the device's attributes and EdgeX.

8th Feb 2021 10:09

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