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IOTech launches Edge Builder to manage edge systems at scale

IOTech announces the launch and availability of Edge Builder, the end-to-end management solution for edge systems. Discover all its features here.

25th May 2021 13:00

Device Connectivity & the Edge in Resource-Constrained Situations

IOTech recently launched Edge XRT, a time-critical edge platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere, a secured, high-level application platform. Read more here.

22nd Apr 2021 10:32

Edge Management: The Next Big IoT Challenge

Why have an edge application? Why not just have your devices connect into a cloud native application and avoid the hassle? Read our expert's answers here.

22nd Apr 2021 09:36

Concept Reply partners with IOTech Systems

IOTech, the edge software company, today announced its partnership with Concept Reply, the leading accelerator for IoT in Germany. Read more.

21st Apr 2021 09:18

Edge XRT: A Big Hit with Industrial Users

IOTech launched Edge XRT as a complementary extension to Edge Xpert which is designed to target time-critical and resource-constrained edge systems.

9th Apr 2021 08:36

IOTech announces latest release of Edge Xrt

Edge XRT 1.1 adds configurable OT & cloud connectivity options, improved tooling and comprehensive support for Microsoft Azure Sphere's embedded MCUs. 

18th Mar 2021 14:36

IOTech's Edge Xrt now supports Microsoft's Microsoft Azure Sphere

IOTech, the edge software company, today announced the launch and availability of Edge XRT, its time-critical edge platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere.

2nd Mar 2021 14:15

IOTech Announce Support for Computer Vision and AI at the IoT Edge

Edge Xpert users can now control camera devices, collect video streams & automatically apply AI and vision inference right at the edge. Read more here.

8th Feb 2021 13:18

Edge Xpert 1.7 Release

IOTech Announces Edge Xpert 1.7, the latest version of its open edge computing platform with an additional focus on ease-of-use and connectivity for the edge.

15th Jul 2020 10:49

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