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Major Industrial OEMs are using XRT to power their latest edge solutions

XRT is already a bit hit with major industrial OEMs. With the recent launch of Edge XRT 2.0 we've made it even easier to integrate advanced OT and IoT capabilities as part of your edge solution.

23rd Jun 2022 14:30

IOTech announces a major new release of Edge XRT, its software platform for time-critical OT systems

Edge XRT 2.0 provides extended OT connectivity, auto-discovery for easy device onboarding, a new MQTT API to simplify integration and management, combined with improved performance and scalability

23rd Jun 2022 14:30

Industrial IoT edge is now creating savings and opening the door to new revenue sources for enterprises

To achieve the full benefits of IIoT edge, providers must focus on the customer's specific use case, according to a panel of experts from IOTech, Eaton, Mitsubishi Power, and Schneider Electric

25th May 2022 13:00

Edge Xpert Chemical Tank Demo

Join James Butcher, IOTech Product Manager on this short demo of how easy it is to use Edge Xpert edge software platform for data acquisition, edge intelligence and cloud data streaming for a wide variety of industrial IoT use cases.

5th May 2022 09:49

IOTech Panel Discussion - Industrial IOT Solution Creation

Hear Industrial IoT leaders discuss how industrial sector companies and OEMs are producing real world edge solutions to disrupt the marketplace, capture new revenues, save precious resources, and lead their sectors in innovation.

20th Apr 2022 14:41

IOTech to host webinar on real-world solutions and the future of Industrial IoT edge computing

Jim White, Chief Technology Officer of IOTech, the edge software company, will lead a webinar panel discussion April 21 on Industrial IoT edge computing.

6th Apr 2022 14:00

IOTech's Edge Xpert to help collaborative research centre develop 'factories of the future'

Working closely with CONFIRM, IOTech will assist in advancing technologies used in the acquisition and processing of data at the edge for smart manufacturing

31st Mar 2022 15:00

Panel Discussion: Join leaders from Eaton, Mitsubishi Power and Schneider Electric to discuss innovation success in Industrial IoT edge computing

Thursday, 21st April, 2022 - Hear Industrial IoT leaders discuss how industrial sector companies and OEMs are producing real world edge solutions to disrupt the marketplace, capture new revenues, save precious resources, and lead their sectors in innovation.

1st Mar 2022 09:13

Why IOTech's Edge Xpert "Jakarta" release is key for supporting commercial edge IoT solutions

In this blog I explain how those innovations and other new Edge Xpert features can really help simplify the work of edge IoT solution developers.

1st Feb 2022 14:00

IOTech announces major upgrade of Edge Xpert - IOTech Systems

Edge Xpert® 2.1 supports EdgeX Foundry's redesigned architecture and new APIs, and includes additional key features to enable commercial deployments.

1st Feb 2022 14:00

The Peggy Smedley Show with Jim White

Jim White, IOTech CTO, and The Peggy Smedley Show talk about the resource shortages that exist today and why technology needs to be put to use.

24th Jan 2022 14:15

EdgeX Performance Update

An update on EdgeX Foundry version 2.1,Jakarta, including some of the performance metrics of the platform as it has evolved over the last couple of release cycles.

7th Jan 2022 12:43

Google Cloud partnership, Edge Builder® launch and technology advancements highlight a strong year for IOTech

IOTech, the edge software company, enjoyed a successful year of growth in customers and partnerships, a new product launch and advances in its technology in 2021.

20th Dec 2021 14:00

IOTech Webcast Series: Automating Edge Deployment - Addressing The Last Major Hurdle Preventing Large Scale Industrial IoT Adoption

Find out how edge management is different from cloud /enterprise management and the specific challenges of automating the management IoT deployments at the edge.

16th Dec 2021 13:12

IOTech Partners with Google Cloud to provide integrated Edge-Cloud solutions at scale

Edge software provider IOTech announced today it is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to offer smart and integrated edge-cloud solutions for enterprise companies.

22nd Nov 2021 14:00

AI and hybrid edge-cloud solutions to dominate the IoT landscape in 2022 

IOTech, the edge software company, today announced five predictions for edge computing in 2022.

15th Nov 2021 12:04

IOTech and Building System Integrators collaborate to increase efficiencies in HVAC, BAS and EMS systems and new smart building solutions

IOTech to provide their edge computing platform for BSI's siteView™ Building Management Automation Solution.

27th Oct 2021 13:00

IOTech Webcast Series: Leveraging the Latest Embedded IoT Capabilities to Supercharge Your Edge Solution

Find out how Industrial OEMs and ISVs are transforming their customer's operations by adding new edge computing capabilities to their solutions

22nd Oct 2021 09:24

IOTech and Lotus Labs partner to deliver AI and visual inference at the IoT edge

IOTech, the edge software company, announces its partnership with Lotus Labs, the ML experts, to deliver AI and visual inference solutions at the IoT edge.

1st Sep 2021 13:00

Innovations in Building Automation and the Intelligent IoT Edge

Building System Integrators benefit from a simplified environment for collecting, processing and integrating data from multiple different devices at the edge.

23rd Jul 2021 10:02

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