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Var Group Introduction

Var Group is an Italian leading company specialized in provisioning IT services and solutions to the Enterprise and SME segments, with consolidated returns equal to €396 million on April 30, 2020.

IOTech's partnership with Var Group explore solutions that enable remote management of production lines and machinery. With Var Group's new collaborative digital process, the adoption of Industry 4.0 projects in companies is faster and more complete.

Together with IOTech, Var Group's Digital Process division will study Industry 4.0 solutions and projects that will make it possible to manage production lines and machinery remotely, even outside the industrial context with a view to smart manufacturing, for the benefit of workers' health, continuity of business and competitiveness of Italian businesses.

The collaboration with IOTech will enable companies to develop industry 4.0 projects, which will make it possible to collect and use production data more efficiently for predictive maintenance and market demand management. The collection of data and the interconnection of machinery and production lines will also make production more efficient, by changing the organization of work, which can also be managed remotely, with the necessary expertise. Read more.

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