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CANopen Device Connector

Easily communicate and integrate with CANopen devices and controllers using IOTech’s advanced and high performance CANopen device connector.

Protocol Description

CANopen builds on top of the Controller Area Network (CAN) communication system to describe a more convenient programming abstraction for the user than regular CAN bus. CANopen defines higher-layer protocols and profile specifications and so greatly simplifies the task of developing and integrating a CAN-based system. In terms of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, the CANopen protocol covers everything from the network layer to the application layer, with CAN providing the data-link and physical layers of the stack.

CANopen was originally designed for motion-oriented machine control systems but today is used in various application fields, such as medical equipment, off-road vehicles, maritime electronics, railway applications and building automation.

CANopen provides standardized Communication Objects (COB) for defining data flow and describes advanced protocols for how that should be achieved. Process Data Objects (PDOs) typically describe data that changes frequently such as sensor data, while Service Data Objects (SDOs) describe communication for node-specific and general configuration data.

CANopen Connector Specification

IOTech’s CANopen device connector provides the following key features:

  • CANopen network management functions including adding, deleting, starting and stopping node

  • CANopen object management functions including creating and deleting PDOs and SDOs

  • CANopen communication via SDO and PDO Read and Write operations

  • Support for accessing CANopen-based events that are created and stored in the event queue

  • Support for Boolean, Int8, Uint8, Int16, Uint16, Int32, Uint32, Int64, Uint64, Float32, Float64 and String data types

  • Convenient setup with supplied configurations and ready-to-use resources for the CANopen network and object management functions

  • Compatible with both conforming CANopen devices and external CAN USB connectors

Note that the CANopen connector interacts with CAN via the Linux SocketCAN driver and therefore is not supported on Windows.

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