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The EdgeX Hanoi Release

Hanoi is the 7th successful community release of EdgeX Foundry.  It is a minor/dot release (version 1.3) and backward compatible with Edinburgh (1.0), Fuji (1.1) and Geneva (1.2) along with any patch releases of the 1.x releases.

Major Release Themes

  • Restructured Docker Compose Files
  • Distributed Device Services
  • Initial Performance / Scalability Tests
  • Docker Compose file “make”
  • Edge Data Tagging
  • Command Line Interface Tool
  • Security Guidelines
  • UI Refactor/Improvement
  • Fledge Integration
  • Beta/Experimental V2 APIs
  • Device Service Contributions

To find out more about the Hanoi release, visit or read the latest article "The EdgeX Foundry Hanoi Release" from LFEdge.

Hanoi Performance

Hanoi was released along with advanced test metrics and an accompanying performance report produced by the EdgeX QA & Test Working Group which is chaired by IOTech Product Manager, James Butcher. Access the performance report below and read the blog to find out about the latest innovations.

Hanoi Performance Report
EdgeX Performance Blog

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