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IOTech Systems believes today’s software should be ‘open’ – software that is developed in an open ecosystem, adopt open standards, and have foundations in open source development communities.  IOTech has been a member of the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry project since its inception in 2017.  IOTech is now a member of LF Edge – an umbrella project for open source edge software which includes EdgeX Foundry.


Our company leaders serve with distinction in important roles in the EdgeX Foundry community.

Achievement and Contribution

Some of our notable achievements in the open-source community include:

  • Our CEO, Keith Steele, has served as a member of the governing board of EdgeX Foundry and LF Edge
  • IOTech has led the EdgeX Foundry’s technical steering committee since the beginning of the project
  • Our CTO, Jim White, serves on the LF Edge Speaker’s Bureau
  • IOTech team members have made over 1100 commits and ½ million lines of code to EdgeX Foundry – accounting for more than a third of the entire project’s code base since its inception
  • IOTech instituted the test framework for EdgeX Foundry
  • We are the authors of the Linux Foundation’s “Getting Started with EdgeX Foundry” (LFD213) on-line training
  • Andy Foster (IOTech’s Product Director) and Cloud Tsai (Director of IOTech’s Taiwan Engineering Team) have been awarded EdgeX Foundry Awards for outstanding innovation and contributions.
  • IOTech team members are the 2nd most active company and participate in more than 12% of the EdgeX Slack channel responses
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To learn more about IOTech’s involvement in open source technology, visit some of the following web sites and resources.

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