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Product Capabilities

Product Capabilities

IOTech edge software helps simplify edge technology adoption, reduce integration costs and time to market for your edge system

Software solutions from IOTech

Our software solutions are designed to maximize openness, ease of use, flexibility and choice for our customers. This means providing solutions that provide independence from hardware, operating system, programming language, applications, OT protocols and choice of cloud technologies.

IOTech edge software provides a comprehensive set IoT capabilities that enable our users to:


IOTech edge software allows users to connect to any OT device, acquire data in real-time and securely share the data with applications or IT/Cloud endpoints

  • Connect to any OT device
  • Acquire data in real-time
  • Connect to any application or IT/Cloud endpoint
  • Securely share acquired data in real-time

IOTech’s edge platforms, Edge Xrt and Edge Xpert support a wide variety of different device and OT protocols and connectivity to all the major cloud vendors.

Device Connectivity

Simplified connectivity and access to your Real-time edge device data



Cloud Connectivity

Unify your edge and cloud systems with easy and secure data streaming



IOTech “plug and play” edge platform software allows users to host edge applications that leverage the latest AI, analytics or inferencing technologies and easily receive data from an extensive range of Industrial OT devices/sensors to act on the data. Transformed data or processing results can then either be sent to any IT/Cloud endpoint for further processing/storage or alternatively commands can be sent back to the connected OT devices. 

  • Easily integrate any type edge application
  • Containerized or native applications
  • Receive data in real-time from any OT device
  • Send processing results to any OT or IT/Cloud endpoint or commands to connected OT devices 
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The open, scalable and flexible software platform for the IoT edge

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The software platform for time-critical and resource constrained IoT systems

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IOTech edge management software allows users to manage any edge node or application centrally and at scale. It helps to automate initial secure edge node provisioning, as well an on-going  monitoring and maintenance of the nodes. The complete lifecycle of edge application deployment, configuration, updating and monitoring can also be automated and managed centrally, either from the Cloud or on-premise.

  • Manage any edge node or application at scale
  • Automate many key edge management tasks
  • Support for both containerised and native Linux workloads
  • Centrally manage node and applications from the Cloud or on premise
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The scalable management solution for edge applications and nodes

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Edge Software Platforms

Try the IOTech family of software today. Simply register your interest to receive a 15 day evaluation license via email.
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