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Simplified Connectivity and Processing for Microsoft Azure Sphere 

IOTech’s Edge XRT for Azure Sphere provides a solution for edge devices that utilize Azure Sphere-certified chips and Microsoft’s Azure Sphere OS. An Azure Sphere device is designed to integrate securely with the Azure Sphere Security Service running in the Cloud. The Security Service ensures the integrity of the device and provides the secure channel used by Microsoft to automatically download and install Azure Sphere OS updates and customer application updates to deployed devices.

edge xrt architecture

Edge XRT provides two main capabilities for Azure Sphere devices:

  • Simplified, deployment-ready connectivity to IoT endpoints (sensors/devices/things) connected to Azure Sphere devices using a range of standard industrial protocols such as Modbus, BACnet and EtherNet/IP and others. Applications can easily read IoT endpoint data and securely send it to its digital twin running on Azure IoT Hub or via the digital twin commands can also be sent in the reverse direction to the IoT endpoint
  • An application platform for Azure Sphere Devices that allows users to create edge applications (edge processing/analytics/intelligence ) that can be downloaded and updated securely Over The Air (OTA) via the Azure Sphere Security Service throughout the life cycle of the device

Both of these capabilities significantly reduce development and integration costs for Azure Sphere systems. They help Azure Sphere users significantly speed time to market for new applications, in most cases from weeks to days.

Watch our webinar with Microsoft to discover typical use cases for Edge XRT on Azure Sphere, including retrofitting brown field equipment, smart spaces and commercial kitchens.

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When deployed on Azure Sphere, Edge XRT currently supports the following OT protocols:







Development Boards

Edge XRT currently supports the following development boards:

Seeed Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit

Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit

Guardian Modules

Guardian modules for retrofitting existing equipment

Guardian modules provide a quick path to securely connect existing equipment that either doesn’t support connectivity or doesn’t support it securely. A guardian module serves as an intermediary by physically attaching to the equipment via an existing peripheral and to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet. The critical equipment itself is never exposed to the Internet. Guardian modules often come as complete hardware solutions

Edge XRT supports the following Guardian Devices:

  • Avnet Guardian 100 - attaches to and secures existing equipment via Ethernet or USB, and securely transfers data to and from the cloud over dual-band WiFi

You can purchase Microsoft Azure Sphere Connectors from our store or for more details, please contact us.

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