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IOTech and The Open Retail Initiative

Intel’s Open Retail Initiative (ORI) is the first open-source Internet of Things (IoT) initiative that focuses on enabling retailers to unlock the power of data and insights within their businesses to scale better and address market challenges. It allows innovators to work together by connecting technologies and data through common systems and open-source frameworks such as the EdgeX Foundry.

The aim of the ORI is to promote the free exchange of ideas within the retail industry in order to drive creative and technological advancement. Through collaborations within the EdgeX Foundry community and ecosystem partners such as Canonical, Dell, Envirosell, HP,, JDA, Petrosoft, RetailNext, SAS, Shekel Brainweigh, SUSE, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Verifone, VMware and IOTech the initiative is removing barriers to technology adoption.

Loss Prevention Demonstration at NRF 2020

Intelligent Loss Prevention is one of the important retail use cases that the ORI can help to advance. In order to show the art of the possible, IOTech in collaboration with Intel, PCMS, Edgeify, Shekel and HP have created an extensive demonstration that shows a new Intelligent Loss Prevention solution to support self-checkout systems. This ORI-based solution and live demonstration is being showcased on the Intel booth #4637 at NRF 2020

The ORI Intelligent Loss Prevention solution utilizes IOTech’s Edge Xpert platform to merge all the available data at the edge in order to create a singular picture that will help combat both accidental and fraudulent loss at a self-checkout. Data is collected from a range of retail devices (including point of sale hardware, RFID scanners, weight scales and smart cameras) and analytics applications are monitoring this data in real-time to capture events and report anomalies. Notifications of any suspicious events can be automatically sent in real-time to an employee who can take required action without necessarily interrupting the customer’s checkout process.

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