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The EdgeX Levski Release

The EdgeX Levski Release

EdgeX Foundry Release Version 2.3

EdgeX Levski is the 11th open-source community release by the Foundry and continues the trend of reliably producing releases since 2017. It is backward compatible with previous Ireland (2.0), Jakarta (2.1), and Kamakura (2.2) releases

Major Release Themes of Levski

New features in Levski include:

  • Commands via Message Bus. Latency and Scalability is much improved with control commands to the device services delivered via the internal message bus compared to previous point-to-point REST-based APIs
  • New infrastructure to deliver System or Control Plane Events to EdgeX users
  • Addition of new and extra metrics to better track the performance of each EdgeX microservice
  • Support for a 'Unit of Measure' option to help users better define the values that each sensor produces for the framework

To find out more about the Levski release, visit Levski Release Notes or read the EdgeX 2.3 Release Blog.

Edge Central Product Release

Edge Central is an open edge data platform based on the open-source EdgeX Foundry. IOTech provides commercial support and many additional key features to bring you an industrial-grade EdgeX implementation that can be trusted for your demanding edge computing needs. Click the logo below for more information about Edge Central.

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Evaluate Edge Central 2.3 - Based on Levski

Edge Xpert 2.3 is based on the EdgeX 2.3 Levski release but includes many additional key features. Check out the Edge Central 2.3 Release Notes for more details

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