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Innovations in Building Automation and the Intelligent IoT Edge

Building System Integrators benefit from a simplified environment for collecting, processing and integrating data from multiple different devices at the edge.

23rd Jul 2021 10:02

Helping Industrial OEMs Accelerate their Customers Digital Transformation with Edge XRT

Since we launched Edge XRT over a year ago the technology is proving to be a big success with our customers. Edge XRT is already helping major Industrial OEM and ISV partners leverage the product's multi-vendor OT connectivity, cloud interoperability and high-performance edge processing capabilities to create a new generation of protocol-agnostic edge solutions. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) industrial users/customers are increasingly seeking new solutions that allow them to leverage their equipment data in ways not previously possible to support new use cases that utilize the latest advances in AI, ML and software automation to improve the efficiency of their operations. Industrial OEMs and ISVs are responding with the next generation of software defined solutions that are far more configurable and extensible than was previously possible. In particular the ability to connect to any OT device and interoperate with different IT/Cloud endpoints is critical to achieving this flexibility.  

20th Jul 2021 00:00

Smart Camera Connectivity at the IoT Edge

As specialists at the IoT Edge, IOTech's software products allow users to connect, onboard and acquire data from a whole host of different OT devices. To add cameras to that list, IOTech have created a software service that lets you easily connect to and control ONVIF compatible devices.

15th Jul 2021 12:22

IOTech launches Edge Builder to manage edge systems at scale

IOTech, the edge software company, today announced the launch and availability of Edge Builder, its end-to-end management solution for edge systems. Edge Builder provides a comprehensive, flexible and open solution that simplifies and automates the management of edge systems at scale.

25th May 2021 13:00

Device Connectivity and Edge Intelligence in Resource-Constrained Situations

One of the companies addressing advanced computing functionality in the Cloud is IOTech, an Edge software company, who recently launched Edge XRT, a time-critical edge platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere, a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for connected devices.

22nd Apr 2021 10:32

Edge Management: The Next Big IoT Challenge

You now have an application to handle edge/IoT sensor data, make decisions locally, and actuate at the edge. You can even get the data back to your enterprise or cloud safely and affordably with that edge application.

22nd Apr 2021 09:36

Concept Reply partners with IOTech to enhance its Industry 4.0 edge computing portfolio

IOTech, the edge software company, today announced its partnership with Concept Reply, the leading accelerator for IoT in Germany. The partnership enables Concept Reply to integrate IOTech's edge software technologies, including Edge Xpert, Edge XRT and Edge Builder, into their IIoT solutions.

21st Apr 2021 09:18

From Centralized to Hybrid Edge-Cloud Architectures

Edge computing provides a decentralized approach for device connectivity, data collection and intelligence that allows for real scalability. Edge computing focuses on processing data where it is produced, local to the devices at the edge of the network. As an example, consider the utilities industry and the large-scale monitoring of an electricity power grid. Modern companies are deploying telemetry systems where local substations can collect data from sensors and devices positioned along the network. It is far more efficient to route the sensor data to the substations than to a centralized cloud. The substations, which are often equipped with powerful computing facilities, can make sense of that local data and apply edge intelligence. That intelligence might be to automatically throttle the network to avoid a dangerous power surge or suggest that an engineer inspect a section of the network where readings are abnormal. In addition, many other sectors use edge computing, including manufacturing, retail, building automation, oil and gas, process control and fleet management.

19th Apr 2021 11:55

Edge XRT: A Big Hit with Industrial Users

Edge XRT is adding a lot of value and provides clear differentiation over alternative approaches. The first is to provide a flexible IoT framework for microcontroller and microcomputer class devices, these are environments with memory constraints less than 1GB and as low as 256KBs, typically running a low powered ARM processor. Creating IoT applications for these types of device is normally the realm of custom/bespoke application code created by highly experienced embedded developers. What our users like about Edge XRT is that in many cases they can create connected edge applications simply by configuring Edge XRT's standard components without the need for complicated programming, although they can of course create components of any complexity if needed.  This capability was highlighted in our recent webcast "Accelerating Time to Value for IoT Applications at the Far Edge" where we discussed our partnership with Microsoft.  Over the last six months we have been working with the Microsoft Azure Sphere team who have in turn been partnering with a number major hardware vendors to create a new generation of secure, certified chips and MCUs based Azure Sphere IoT technologies. In this case, Edge XRT provides a standard configurable IoT application layer for Azure Sphere devices that can reduce time-to-market for new edge applications deployed within the Azure ecosystem from weeks to days.

9th Apr 2021 08:36

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