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Learn about why the edge offers the greatest opportunity to address the complexity inherent in Industrial IoT designs

Join Jim White, IOTech CTO and recognized industry expert for this presentation to...

  • Discover why an IoT platform deployed at the Edge and based on open architecture principles is the most critical integration component in any IIoT system
  • Learn about the key capabilities that are needed at the platform level to support an end-to-end IIoT deployment
  • Discover why IOTech and other IoT industry leaders are working closely with industry-wide initiatives such as the Linux Foundations’ EdgeX Foundry consortium to develop open approaches to edge computing
  • Learn about how IOTech’s Open IoT Edge Platform solutions are being used to successfully enable end-to-end IIoT deployments in support of complex multi-vendor use-cases across different vertical markets such as manufacturing, energy management and retail


Industrial IoT (IIoT) designs encompass a wide variety of use-cases across many different industry verticals including manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, logistics and smart cities. To enable solutions to scale and to be able to address the specific concerns of individual industrial verticals there is a need to rapidly integrate and interoperate a wide mix of multi-vendor best-in-class ingredients especially at the network edge where myriad devices must connect with best in class applications.

Combine this with the need to perform at or close to real-time, and to deploy securely in what are typically business-critical applications is a complex challenge.  Edge Platform technology is therefore becoming critical to bring order to this complexity, to reduce risk and to move IoT away from a complex systems integration task and to enable multi-vendor plug and play at the IoT Edge. It would also seem an odd way forward if the inherent choice and flexibility offered by multi-vendor plug and play IoT is thrown away through the choice of ‘proprietary’ platforms which then immediately limit that choice and flexibility! As such there is growing demand from the market for an ‘open’ versus proprietary approach at the Edge platform level. This presentation will present the current ‘state of the art’ in Open IOT Edge Platform technology and Ecosystems.

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23rd Jan 2020 16:57

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