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edgex adopter series

IOTech EdgeX Adopter Series Presentation

Watch IOTech present our commercial EdgeX offerings used in real-world deployments at the EdgeX Foundry Adopter Series session.

22nd Dec 2020 17:27

IOTech Webcast Series : Edge Management at Scale - Solving the Big Problem in the IoT Room

Join Jim White, IOTech CTO and recognized industry expert for the latest instalment in IOTech's Webcast Series as he discusses the problem of managing edge deployments at scale.

20th Nov 2020 09:57

IOTech Webcast Series: Why time-critical edge platforms are fundamental to the success of Industrial IoT Systems

Explore the challenges of Time-Critical computing at the IoT Edge - how platform technology can accelerate development and deployment of maintainable and portable solutions and the types of use cases where this technology is applicable. What are the characteristics and challenges faced by Time-Critical edge systems. The importance of edge platform technology to meet these challenges. What are some of key Time-Critical use cases at the edge . What capabilities do the edge software platforms need to provide to support. Time-Critical use cases. What's the business case for buy versus build. Edge XRT Time-Critical Edge Platform in action and the numbers

6th May 2020 17:09

IOTech Webcast Series: Connectivity and interoperability between things, clouds and applications at the edge

Understand why an Open Edge Platform is critical in enabling data from different sources to flow to the key business-insight providing applications in an Industrial IoT system. Why data interoperability between things, applications and the cloud is fundamental to any Industrial IoT system. Why edge AI and analytics applications need to access data from potentially multiple sources in real-time and often using different OT protocols. How to ingest, normalize, filter and clean data in a standard way to provide those applications with the reliable data they need. How to manage complex connectivity requirements and remain 'open' in diverse Industrial IoT environments

10th Mar 2020 17:03

IOTech Webcast Series: Why are open edge platforms critical to the success of multi-vendor industrial IoT systems?

Learn about why the edge offers the greatest opportunity to address the complexity inherent in Industrial IoT designs.  Discover why an IoT platform deployed at the Edge and based on open architecture principles is the most critical integration component in any IIoT system. Learn about the key capabilities that are needed at the platform level to support an end-to-end IIoT deployment. Discover why IOTech and other IoT industry leaders are working closely with industry-wide initiatives such as the Linux Foundations' EdgeX Foundry consortium to develop open approaches to edge computing. Learn about how IOTech's Open IoT Edge Platform solutions are being used to successfully enable end-to-end IIoT deployments in support of complex multi-vendor use-cases across different vertical markets such as manufacturing, energy management and retail

23rd Jan 2020 16:57

EdgeX Open Hackathon - October 7-8, Chicago

We are excited to announce that LF Edge's EdgeX Foundry community is planning a series of hackathons focused on addressing real-world use cases. The event will focus on the retail market and work stemmed from the Commerce (e.g. Retail) Working Group within the EdgeX Foundry project and the related Open Retail Initiative (ORI). Participants will use their talents and creativity combined with the EdgeX framework, commercial content from sponsoring companies and the rules of the event to develop a solution for either one of the specified customer-valued retail use-cases or an additional open category.

7th Oct 2019 16:50

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